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Fairytale opera for adults and children

The multi-purpose hall of the Music Friends Association Athens Concert Hall will host the show on Friday, October 14, 2022 at 8:30 p.m “To the Aggelos Muses”.

A few words about the project
On the occasion of the 70th anniversary of Eva Palmer Sikelianou’s death, the Dr. Fotini Kostakou and Art Fantaisie created the performance “Tou Aggelos Muses”, a stage spectacle in the form of a fairy tale opera with an alternation of theatrical discourses, incorporating texts by Aggelos Sikelianos, choreographed movements, original music and songs (recitative & arias). It is a journey through nature and myth that emerges in scenes in which versions of the woman emerge in a purely poetic way through the poet’s gaze. In conversation with Eva Palmer, the “lightly shadowed” angel meets characters such as Aphrodite, Ariadne and Chrysofrydis on an initiatory journey into the spiritual Sicilian universe.

This was preceded by the presentation of the anniversary edition of the book “Angelos Sikelianos, a dreamy poet” by ELLINOEKDOTIKI with texts by Fotina Kostakou – Despina Pikopoulou and illustrated by Maria Manoura with a parallel image projection. Fotini Kostakou spoke to protothema.gr about the show.

You wrote the libretto of an opera for Angelos Sikelianos. Tell us when and where it will be presented?

In fact, the first world presentation of the opera “The Angel of the Muses” will take place on the occasion of the 70th anniversary of the death of Eva Palmer Sikelianou on October 14th at 8:30 p.m. in the multi-purpose hall of the Friends of Music Athens Concert Hall with outstanding artists. On the same day, the first presentation by the Greek publisher of the book “Angelos Sikelianos, a dreamy poet” will take place, which I will present together with Ms. D. Pikopoulou, the archaeologist and museologist on whom the opera is based, and Ms. A. Voyatzoglou as keynote speaker , Professor of Modern Greek Philology at the University of Ioannina and narrator Christos D. Stavrianos.

How did you come up with the idea for the opera?

The reason was the book that I wrote with Ms. Pikopoulou and on which a large part of the opera is based. Of course, the idea already existed, as it was about a poet whose work I have studied intensively. The first thought of creating a play about the poetry of this great writer arose at the time when I was completing my doctoral thesis at the University of Montpellier on “Poetry and art in the work of Angelos Sikelianos: the theme of Dionysian love”. In fact, during this time I also worked as a scientific researcher for the Angelos Sikelianos Museum, which was soon to be handed over to the municipality of Lefkada, for which of course I had also worked in the past, studying the archive of the poet and the poet as well by Evas Palmer’s wife at the Center for Asia Minor Studies and OLIVE.

Fotini Kostakou is Dr. of modern Greek literature, archaeologist, writer, artist, performer

Tell us something about the content of the opera.
It is a stage spectacle in the form of a fairytale opera with an alternation of theatrical discourse, choreographed movement, original music and songs (recitative & arias). The opera essentially consists of four scenes that aim to revive the poet’s verses as well as key symbols of his cosmology. The ultimate aim is to highlight the poet’s relationship with “Woman” through myths and ancient works of art that inspired him, but also with Eve herself, who fully supported him throughout his work. Topics that are directly related to the book are also addressed, such as the relationship between ancient and folk art, identification with nature, etc. Kinesiology is based on images from vases, but also on the choreography for the book, which was worked on by Eva Palmer Dance of the Oceanids in the performance of Prometheus Desmotis at the 1st Delphic Festival. I edited the costumes and props myself, while some of the accessories are my visual creations.

Why this year?

This year, as I mentioned above, marks the 70th anniversary of Eva Palmer’s death, while last year marked the 70th anniversary of Angelos Sikelianos’ death. So the book and the opera are essentially a hymn to the work of these great people and approach it with a “fresh” look, so to speak. “Tou Angelou Muses” is a modern, purely holistic work and, to our knowledge, the first opera written for the poet, for whose needs we traveled to the places and also to the houses in which the Sicilians sometimes lived and worked are now museums.


• Conceived original idea, libretto: Dr. Fotini Kostakou.
• Original musical composition – setting of poems by Angelos Sikelianos: Dimitris Katharopoulos, composer.

• Kinesiology: Doris Lambrinou, actress and performer

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