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Fever Ray in Athens for a concert

Sunday, July 14, 2024
Municipal Theater of Lycabettus, Athens

The hidden charm of… excess

There are many types of music, there are many voices and many artists, and there is that too Karin Dreijer who, with Fever Ray, highlights the hidden charm of the grotesque. This unexplored mixture of strangeness, horror and excess provokes, shocks and at the same time exerts an irresistible attraction on the viewer. And anything can happen…

We are introduced to this atmosphere by the gender-bending Karin Dreijer of Swedish origin, who as Fever Ray comes to a rare live musical performance at the Lycabettus City Theater on July 14th and proves that there are no limits to musical daring and imagination. With a valuable record in the trunk Radical romantics – one of the most original and radical music projects of recent years, which can be found in many music lists with their best albums
last year – Karin Dreijer stops in Athens.

Fever Ray are known not only for their music, but also for the bold aesthetic of their work, which is more like a manifesto about existence than a political act. Fever Ray’s shows focus on the themes of identity, gender expression and sexuality from a punk perspective and gothic aesthetic. The atmosphere of a “Victorian” era is revived along with the decadent atmosphere of the interwar period. Heartbreaking voices, fluid sexuality, disguises and role-playing create a picture in which everything is funny and scary at the same time. Where anything can happen. Or not happen. Fever Ray’s haunting disco plays with light and darkness, redefining the band’s songs we thought we knew but will hear again.

Fever Ray’s last record featured an anonymous, non-binary character through whose eyes we see love from many angles – something that Greek audiences will also experience when they appear on the stage of the Lycabettus Municipal Theater.

We feel his fears for the future in a time when everything is fluid, everything is dissolving and collapsing. We sense his resignation as he conforms to the cliché and succumbs to the banal, fearing that his thirst for his lover’s approval will begin to overwhelm his own sense of uniqueness. Love threatens identity or vice versa.

Open-minded and musically diverse yet so focused, Radical Romantics appeal to both the heart and the mind, both on the dance floor and in the bedroom. Karin Dreijer has created a new vision for pop and, in his hands, music, as raw sound mutates and morphs into sometimes beautiful and sometimes frightening forms that balance between strength, sensitivity, fear and security. The album offers a different perspective through the fractured prism of love and ultimately achieves universal value because it addresses each individual’s experience.

Karin Dreijer was half of the music project Knife that he had with his brother Olof, and it was his voice that made the Swedish band world famous. The duo broke all rules and standards by creating genre-bending electronic music and gaining a fanatical following among subculture music lovers. When The Knife stopped producing music, Karin regained the hearts of the Nordic duo’s fanatical listeners with his solo project as Fever Ray.
Karin Dreijer’s soulful voice penetrates the minds of all listeners from the first hearing.

As Fever Ray, he manages to create a mysterious world that brings the mystery and tradition of the Scandinavian countries to the dark Central European clubs and crosses them with the culture of ambient music. It’s no coincidence that Karin has worked with music industry giants from Björk and Planningtorock to Röyksopp to Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross.

On his self-titled debut as Fever Ray in 2009, Karin Dreijer continued the Knife legend. It introduced audiences to a character that could have come straight out of a psychological thriller and brought Karin’s voice to the forefront, haunting everyone who hears it. The song If I Had a Heart from the album was used in several television series, including Person of Interest, Breaking Bad and Wentworth, and became the theme song for Vikings.
After the success of her first music project, Karin returned musically in 2017 with the maximalist Plunge, which thematically focused on desire as a political act that goes beyond it
personal experience. Plunge launched the band into an underground electro era, a musical fever that created electronic soundscapes that were terrifying yet irresistibly charming.

A call in the dark.
The band at July 14th in Lycabettus Hopefully she will play songs from all three records and give the audience the opportunity to walk with her through all the stages on the path to a new vision of electro-pop music.
Fever Ray idolizes the grotesque on a journey without a destination. They make idiosyncratic music, an experience that stimulates the senses, that raises questions, but where
Above all, it moves and leaves no one indifferent.
In some ways previously undiscovered, but irresistibly charming!
The photos are by Nina Andersson
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