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Filumena Marturano with Maria Naufliotou and Meleti Ilias in the 2nd year

His bittersweet comedy Eduardo De Filippo “The Kissed Marturano”, with the Maria Nauffliotou in the title role and the Study Iliadreturns for the second year in a row Dimitris Horn Theater.

The show that “won” the audience and critics was directed Odyssea Papaspiliopoulou, returns in October 2023 to highlight the unique lyricism and magnificent writing of one of the most important writers in the world theater repertoire.

Filomena Marturano started out as a prostitute and eventually became the mistress of a rich merchant Domenico Soriano. Now, after several years of living together, she claims the position that is rightfully hers. An unexpected secret upsets the balance and changes the facts. A work that examines women, problematic family and social structures and stereotypes and uses the author’s great language to pit two worlds against each other.

Director’s note

The show’s director, Odysseas Papaspiliopoulos, writes: “Everything happened once. She was once told that she had become a woman. She’s not a girl anymore. Once she left her father’s house and went to this other “house”. She also met him once. He also met her once. She kept getting pregnant. And once he asked her to stay with him without ever actually asking her to. Then he forgot about it. Three children were also born at one point. That they never found out whose children they were. And once… once he got tired. And it wanted to be done now.Now…between her and him. That they have never met until now. That they have never really lived until now. That she never found out who he really was. Domenico Soriano. And he never found out who she really was. Filomena Marturano. The woman who never cries. Until now. Where will he learn? Until now, when we find out too. And these children will learn it too. You have to know. For as a hidden voice in the dark says… “Children are children”. And soon the first light of new life will shine.”

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