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Fire and water in the Mikro Gloria Theater

Every Monday and Tuesday at 9:15 p.m. from March 4th to April 30th.

The Iraqi Said and his partner Irani Hayat live in an unnamed city in Europe, scarred by the traumatic experiences they left behind in their homeland. A man makes a mistake with the address, enters her house and suddenly finds himself hostage by Said. Hayat tries to reason with him but fails. Said, feeling that the locals are treating him with racism, tries to prove to the stranger that he comes from a civilized place and deserves to be treated accordingly. He forcibly teaches him Arabic history and chess. They live together for seven days and nights.

At first, caught in the conflict between them, the two men briefly find a way to communicate, discover that they have much in common, and grow closer until their interest in Hayat rekindles their rivalry. In the highly conflictual environment, love invades and the two men face each other and claim the woman’s love.


Everything in the play is played like a game of chess, unpredictable until the end. A political, poetic work about the confrontation between two worlds, the West and the East. Two worlds as different as “fire and water”. Behind the story of the three lonely heroes, aspects of modern historical reality break through with the thousands of victims of wars, population movements and refugee caravans for a better life. The text highlights elements of the life and culture of two different cultures, Iran and Iraq, an unjust war, but above all the mental world of people who are forcibly separated from their previous way of life and trapped in a new, alien environment. With her poetic and at the same time realistic pen, Chrysa Spilioti externalizes the claustrophobic world of the heroes: the Anatolian who is trapped in his fundamentalism, the European who is trapped in his supposed freedom, and the woman who is trapped in a patriarchal environment she lives in the East or in the West. It captures the complexity of the world we live in and reminds us that everything exists in life: sweet and bitter, pain and joy, laughter and tears, fire and water.

At a time when important changes are taking place on the world map and wars against civilians and innocents continue, the work raises important social and political concerns and touches on many important issues affecting modern man, such as the acceptance of diversity, immigration, the violence that the strong exercises against the weak, the East-West divide. A show that is not about diversity but about similarity.

“Fire and Water” was translated into English and performed at the Tristan Bates Theater in England. It was performed for the first time in Greece in 2007 under the direction of Aspa Toboulis.


Note by author Chrysas Spiliotis from 2007

East and West. Two worlds as different as fire and water. Two worlds, as they say, at war. And yet people are actually the same everywhere. As everyone has learned, they are expressed very differently depending on the culture. And no civilization has ever gone to war with another. I wrote this work because I want to learn to respect other people, even if it’s not always easy. Personally, I am not afraid of diversity, but of the similarity of many around the world that affects the weak and defenseless. And that, in my opinion, catalyzes every concept of culture.



Author: Chrysa Spilioti
Director: Augustinos Remundos
Original music: Nikolas Karimalis Razastarr
Costume/set design: Tonia Avdelopoulou
Video/poster design: Goran Gagic
Editor of the application: Anastasia Georgala
Lighting Design/Assistant Director: Jelena Gagic
Arabic culture and language consultants: Persa Koumoutsi/ Roni Bou Saba
Iranian culture and language consultant: Bettya Saleh
Photos: Panagiotis Andriopoulos
Production Manager: Christina Siomou
Production execution: MADAM SARDAM
Contact: Yiannis Vitsas

Actors: Dimitris Georgalas, Stelios Kalathas, Elena Tirea



Premiere: Monday, March 4, 2024
Performances: March 4, 2024 – April 30, 2024
Show days and times: Every Monday and Tuesday at 9:15 p.m
Location: Mikro Gloria Theater: 7 Hippocrates, Athens, Telephone: 210 3600832
Ticket prices: €15 general admission, €12 reduced
Pre-sale offer: €8 until February 29th
Pre-sale and online purchase of tickets:

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