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“For His Heart and Liver” by Lena Divani

A novella with a very sensitive subject entitled “For his heart and his liver” is signed Lena Divani that circulates from Pataki Publications.

The premise of the book
The wife, lover and mother of a clinically dead man fight to the death over who has the right to donate (or refuse to donate) his organs for transplant. Essentially, each is fighting to prove that the man is hers, when in reality all three were just satisfying his needs. As long as he lived, he belonged only to himself. But even after his death, they orbit around him like satellites. Their fight will have many twists and turns and a deadly end.

Who is Lena Divani?

Lena Divani was born in Volos in 1955. She is an author and professor at the Law Department of the University of Athens, where she teaches Greek and Balkan history of 20th century foreign policy (at bachelor’s level) and minority issues in the Balkans (at master’s level).

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