From October 23rd at the Kappa Theater - Wishevoke

From October 23rd at the Kappa Theater

With the need to reconnect in the post-Covid era, etc Ilias Karellas returns to the Kappa Theater with a play full of emotion and hope.

The most popular children’s author, Mike Kenny, beloved in Greece by “A Boy with a Suitcase”, seen by thousands of spectators on the children’s stage of the Kappa Theater with the handwriting of Ilias Karellas, introduces us to his most popular current and current work.

In “Rapunzel without a fairy tale” which premieres on October 23, 2022the beloved Director and shadow actor combines stage actors, live music and contemporary shadow theater. The project has The aim is to raise awareness of racism, war, isolation, learning disabilities and nature in a way that is as moving as it is entertaining, and to highlight the human need for communication.

A few words about the show:

It’s 1944, London is being bombed. Little Letty, a girl of mixed race, needs to be safe like thousands of other children because of the war. With a suitcase in hand and a letter on her coat, her parents put her on the train. On a remote farm in the country, she must face her fears by meeting strict guardian Mrs. Pierce, young Conrad, and a very young man
aggressive… goose! The well-known singer and actress Idra Kayne plays the role of Mrs. Pierce. With her, in

Role of little Letty, Eva Vogli. Actors Makis Nanos and Fanis Pavlopoulos are still acting. The subversive band String Demons performs live on stage the original music they composed for the show, sometimes with atmospheric touches, sometimes with accents

the emotions of the work in an explosive way. The great choreographer Antigoni Gyra, constant collaborator of Ilias Karellas, moves
the heroes of the piece in a world between fairy tales and reality. At a time when technology and social media have isolated children and young people, while people are confronted with climate change while fighting an invisible virus but also real bombs and missiles, “Rapunzel without fairy tales” comes to the scene, to remind us what we’ve been through, what

We missed everything we need.

Ilias Karellas:

Ilias Karellas began his career in 1996 with performances in shadow theater. In 2002, he breathed new life into children’s and youth theater for the first time in Greece, creating innovative performances in which actors, shadows, puppet, mask, multimedia and live music coexist harmoniously on stage.

To date, he has staged performances in well-known theaters in Athens, attracting an average of 50,000 spectators per theater season, and has now acquired a unique identity in the field of children’s entertainment. In recognition of his artistic work, his troupe was placed under the patronage of the Ministry of Culture, the Cultural Organization of the City of Athens and the UNESCO Prefecture of Piraeus and Islands. With his action he has supported the “Smile of the Child”, the “Flame”, the SOS Children’s Villages, the Red Cross, Unicef, etc. supports.
He is artistic director of the Panhellenic Shadow Theater Association.



Show ID:
Author: Mike Kenny
Translation: Chara Giannakopoulou
Direction/Scenography/Lighting: Ilias Karellas
Movement: Antigone Gyra
Original music: String Demons
Set design: Michalis Raptis
Construction of a shadow theater character: Ilias Karellas, Nikolas Tzivelekis
Costumes: “Changing Room”
Letty: Eva Vogli
Ms. Pierce: Idra Kayne
Konrad: Makis Nanos
Narrator: Fanis Pavlopoulos
Music live on stage: String Demons
Production run: ARTSTATE IKE


Kappa Theater – Ilias Karellas Children’s Theater
Address: Kypselis 2

Premiere: October 23, 2023
Performances: every Sunday at 11:30 a.m. for the public and from Monday to
School performances organized on Friday at 10:30 a.m
Information about the children’s stage / reservations for schools, clubs and groups:
210 7777104 & 210 7777124

Duration: 75′
Tickets: General entry: €12
Children | Big Children/Three Children | Unemployed: €9
(For reduced tickets – children with many/three children/unemployed – a presentation is required
corresponding tickets at the theater entrance).
Advance ticket sales have begun.


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