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Gikas Majorkinis: The “hidden” pandemic that has already begun

A “hidden” pandemic has begun in Greece, according to the associate professor of hygiene and epidemiology. Gika’s Majorkinis, at yesterday’s presentation of his book “Chronicle of Viruses”, published by Papadopoulos publications. It is none other than the demographic evolution and the alarming aging of the Greek population that require a focus on prevention and are changing the way patients are managed.

The epidemiologist who rose to prominence during the coronavirus pandemic tackles a subject he knows well in his first book: viruses. “They want viruses to be alive. But that’s not it. They’re not even dead yet. Not even zombies. “It’s the power of life, I would say,” he said. Or as he describes it in his book: “Viruses are exotic creatures that were born alongside life and usurp it in the fight to conquer eternity.”

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