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Giorgos Douatzis: Portraits of another time

This book contains autobiographical interviews – portraits of five political figures whose presence and work shaped the shape of the political scene to this day, left a strong mark on recent political history and provides important historical data for a certain period of time, since they were almost all the same Age, born within a decade (from 1914 to 1924).

The different views of each individual, depending on their political position, provide a circular overview of the events that shaped political life for half a century, forming an important mosaic in the country’s political history.

The reader will easily find out whether G. Duatzis’ interlocutors were characterized by modesty, egoism, a sense of the common good, a willingness to make a real contribution to the place, whether they had a vision, a philosophical dimension of thought, bravery , small-mindedness, sensitivity and many other things. By avoiding any interference, maintaining equal distances and respecting the peculiarities of each person’s language, aspects of their personality are illuminated and several elements are revealed that make up their ego, their view of politics, people, themselves and the world.


Giorgos Douatzis is a poet, writer and journalist. He was born in Athens in 1948. He studied economics at the Higher Industrial School of Thessaloniki and sociology at the VIII University in Paris.

He worked as a journalist for newspapers, magazines, radio and television stations (reporter, columnist, political analyst, director). He published thirty-three books (poems, short stories, novels, plays), participated in nineteen collections, while his works are included in thirteen anthologies and dictionaries.

Parts or all of his works have been translated into six languages.

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