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Giuseppe Veneziano also talks about design

Looking for Busto Arsizio on Google one of the most descriptive descriptions of the Italian community – inhabited by 90,000 people – is the one we find above Wikipedia. “(…) an important industrial and commercial center in an urbanized context.” Second Alessandro Galli, Class of ’98Busto Arsizio, on the other hand, “is an original copy of every other city in the Milanese hinterland, with the aim of always remaining the same”. This idea arose from this 21052 copy (of the copy) originala photography project that aims to convey an unconventional vision of Busto Arsizio while paying attention to what I Brats They take it for granted. In short, a reflection on the province that can make us think about the dichotomy between city and hinterland that is so present in our country.

21052 Original copy, a report by Busto Arsizio after Alessandro Galli

It’s Dal 2021 that Alessandro Galli is trying to move to Milan. Now that he has succeeded, he would like to recall with us the years of waiting in Busto Arsizio, the immobility of a province that, faced with the departure of many of its young inhabitants, decides not to change but to always remain the same. Galli’s intention is to reflect on urban decay and the lack of improvements implemented over time. But not only that, Galli’s recordings also contain a special – and strange – kind of beauty, which usually goes unnoticed.

The reflection on the province also branches out in a fanzine published last year that traces all the places where Galli chose to film. There are also five things the photographer says about Busto and what is worth knowing about him. A means that, in addition to the recordings, allows us to go beyond the image, but also a real salute to his city, where – at least in part – he developed his aesthetic taste. Some of the photographs reflect Busto Arsizio’s desire to resemble Milan in meaningful silence. There is the girl standing on her tiptoes, the construction sites, the shops that first open and then close. Even the neglect surrounding the Castellanza train station According to the photographer, it is particularly significant. There are also images that, according to Galli, are “closely linked to his photographic taste,” such as that of Underpass illuminated by a green traffic light Where is he unkempt bush at the entrance to an apartment building in Busto Arsizio.

Green thumb
Busto Arsizio

At zines

21052 copy (of the copy) original was born in 2021 in the middle of the Covid-19 emergency. When the curfew ended, the photographer left five copies of the fanzine around the city at five locations at 5 a.m. on a Saturday morning, along with a flyer with the graphics you see in the slider below. First a kind of terms and conditions that you have to accept if you live in Busto Arsizio and then a map of the places according to Galli. An original idea that speaks about the province in a certainly innovative way. The flyer also contains the city’s most important surviving work of art. It’s about the Anonymous painting out of XVII sec and stored in it Museum of Sacred Art San Michele Arcangelo. The work shows A priest blesses a plague victim in the hospital in Busto Arsizio.

You can see some photographs by Alessandro Galli 2 al 5 months And Liquida PhotoFestival.

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