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“Good night means the night is good”

The new children’s book by Pela Soultatou entitled “Kedros” has been published by “Good night means the night is good”.

Danny and Donnie live in Cloudy, a land where it rains constantly and gets dark early. At night, Donnie and Danny find excuses not to fall asleep because they don’t like the dark.

But everything changes when they arrive for a summer vacation in Iliolousti, a land of long days and lots of light, where a different sun rises every morning! One day Bebilius rose there, not wanting to sink because he was afraid of diving into the cold waters of the sea. But it would never fall asleep like that… At first it was good. But then?


Pela Soultatou was born in Crete and lives in Athens with her two children. He holds a doctorate in education from the University of London.

He works in public administration and teaches in higher education. He has worked on prose for adults and children.

Her books: FOR ADULTS:
• The Lights in the Background, Short Stories, Aopera Publications, 2013

• Encore, novel, Kastaniotis Publications, 2015

• Topsy-turvy Twists, Novel, Kastaniotis Publications, 2019
• The Sea Is Not Blue, Short Stories, Kastaniotis Publications, 2021


• MyHaTi or The Mystery of Lost Television, Pataki Publications, 2019
• Goodnight will say… the night is good, Kedros Publications, 2023

the information


Year of issue: 2023

ISBN: 978-960-04-5375-1

PAGE: 40

Shape: 18×29

Illustration: Color

Illustrator: KOKKOSI, YOTA

Weight: 167.00g.

Soft cover

Age: from 5 years

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