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Good Victory, a True Story, by Christos Daskalakis

A true story between a nun and a boy, between the impossible and the possible, between the no of others and the yes of our hearts. The author of “Good Victory, A True Story” (Ankara editions) Through many years of experience that changed his life, he shares with us the meaning of patience, the power of faith and the importance of overcoming all difficulties and adversities in our daily lives. A book about happiness and loss, dreams and love, fears and courage, effort and victory. A story of oligarchic frugality in a world that is constantly running around and demanding more…

A few words about the book
I was still a primary school child when I met her in the monastery. She is tall, beautiful, like an angel on earth, I am ugly, fat, clumsy, the ideal victim of school teasing. For all the invisible and hideous, for those visible and beloved.

With her in the orchard, in the church, in the yard, in the cemetery. In the summer, my classmates went swimming, went on vacation or to camp, and I went to the monastery with my parents. No electricity, no television, no telephone, no friends. My only company, the books he gave me, our dog Dick and our mule Stavros. But above all, Sister Kalliniki, my guardian angel. The best memories I have of her are the afternoons after watering when she told me stories full of hope and dreams. The worst thing was when she decided to “go” without me, even though she knew that I had wanted to “go” first for a long time. And now alone, without her, I remember what we lived, I remember what we said, I remember what I learned with her…

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