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“Happy Days” by S. Beckett: A hymn to optimism

Samuel Beckett’s masterpiece will be performed at the OLVIO Theater in just ten performances, directed by Dimitris Kanellou and starring Natasa Papamichael and Yannis Economidis (Johnny O).Winnie, buried in the rubble of her life in a vast universe, tries to “go about her day.” He talks nonstop. Willy crawls around and understands Winnie’s voice because someone is listening. She doesn’t speak alone in the wilderness.

One cannot view Winnie with pity, condescension, or distance. He is one of the nicest faces the theater has produced. He touches us emotionally with a deep but awkward compassion because he can easily empathize with our deepest fears and needs.



The work is a poem dedicated to the torment of human existence, the need to share and exist through others, the constant wear and tear of everything in endless time, the daily habits and “things” that sweeten time, the struggle of surviving in any limitation, physical, mental and spiritual, with patience and always with the wish for another happy day.


Samuel Beckett is probably the most optimistic writer I have ever encountered. He is so deeply human, full of love for this divine gift we call life! His heroes never give up, even when they find themselves in difficult or extraordinary circumstances. They always fight for another happy day.

Beckett tells us in this philosophical masterpiece that sharing in any relationship, between people, can be qualitatively and quantitatively relative, but is absolutely necessary!

Happy moments only exist if we share them.

And when our life is a sum of endless moments, it is worth fighting for one more happy moment that will also make the day happy.

-Dimitris Kanellos

Text: Samuel Beckett

Translation: Errikos Belies
Director: Dimitris Kanellos

Sets – Costumes: Vangelis Zilelis

Lighting: Nikos Voulgaris
Motion Editing: Natasha Papamichael
Original music composition – Arrangement: Nikiforos Chrysoloras

Assistant director: Kalliopi Karamanis


Natasha Papamichael
Johnny O


Every Saturday and Sunday at 6:30 p.m. for 10 performances ONLY
Duration: 85 minutes without a break
Premiere: Saturday, October 7, 2023


Presale: ONLY from €12 more.com
Special offer! Until September 30th all tickets 10 €!

Theater OLVIO

Iera Odos 67 & Falasias 7, Votanikos, Tel: 210 34 14 118

Ticket booking opening hours: 6:00 p.m. – 9:00 p.m

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