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“Heavy metal saves lives”

According to research from Dutch and German universities, heavy metal helps its fans deal with fear of death or other serious psychological problems.

Psychologists have reported that heavy metal gives meaning to the lives of its fans, thereby helping them drive away bad thoughts.

«Heavy metal music is often associated with death. She was harshly attacked by her critics for both the sound and the lyrics of the songs. “Metalheads” claim that this type of music is their escape from depression and that it helps them deal with their thoughts about death.” says the survey.

The psychologists’ conclusion was based on Anxiety management theory (Terror Management Theory). In her opinion, cultural values ​​help people cope with death by giving value and meaning to their lives. So, Metal music acts as a cultural asset for its fans and shapes their character and social identity.

The researchers noticed that metal didn’t help those who didn’t like its sound in the same way. They showed no signs of increasing their self-confidence or improving their mental state.

30 people took part in the survey. Psychologists first spoke to them to find out their opinion on heavy metal culture. They were then divided into two groups and asked to write down their thoughts about death. In a group the classic song of Hunter “Angel Of Death”, on the other hand, calm and relaxing music.

At the same time, research from the University of Queensland in Australia showed that both metal music and other “extreme” music genres calm fans, rather than making them nervous as many believe.

«Heavy metal, hardcore, punk and screamo reduce sadness and increase positive emotions. When they are nervous and listen to music that fits their mood, the tension dissolves and they feel stronger and more energized“said the researchers.

39 people took part in the second survey. Psychologists tried to make them angry by discussing with them topics related to relationships, money and work.
They then had them listen to music for 10 minutes. What they noticed was that those who listened to metal felt like they were in absolute peace.

«The results showed that nervousness and anxiety were significantly reduced when listening to music. They felt strongersaid psychologist Leah Sharman.

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