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Held embraces folk songs at Caja de Musica

THE hero She creates subversion and transcendence again and sings with her own voice and in her own style, folk songs.

«In my opinion, folk songs are our souls, liberated from all conventions, liberated and given over to emotions».

Hero without blinders and without inhibitions embraces folk songs in all their forms, just as she knows how to “translate” music.

You play:
Dimitris Triantafyllidis: guitar
Antonis Vouzounaras: bass
Thanasis Kelepouris: accordion
Yannis Matsoukas: Bouzouki

Fridays, April 12th and 19th
Start: 10:00 p.m

27 Sinopis, Athens
Reservations: 6945166085

Entrance: 10€

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