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Hellripper for the first time in Greece

Hellripper Live in the Temple

Saturday, October 19th

Black thrash frenzy desecrates Athens

The murderers come from the darkest depths of Scotland Hellripper are poised to unleash sound waves of paranoia on the Athenian audience for the first time.

His sick child James McBain takes on flesh and blood on stage. Sharp riffs and angry drums paired with torn vocals create an electrifying result full of energy. One of the freshest names in the black/thrash idiom comes to our city for a hellish night of uncontrollable chaos and incalculable destruction.

Come see the Hellrippers emerge on his stage temple at October 19thand promises an epic performance that will shake the foundations of extreme metal as we know it.

*** Entrance fees 25€ in presale.

*** Tickets are sold in advance via more.com and its branch network (Media Markt, Public, Eko gas stations, Shell, BP etc.).

***Resellers charge commission based on their price lists.

Online pre-sale: more.com

Production: Como Esta Events

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