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How to include all age groups on social networks

Millennials are often burdened with outdated stereotypes from their early years on social media, which doesn’t give marketers an accurate picture of who they are today. It’s not students taking duck-faced selfies. Most cope with early adulthood and the excitement and uncertainty that comes with it, including career milestones, parenthood and elder care.

72 percent say this Social is an essential part of their life, the highest of all age groups. In identifying the most common ways Millennials use social media, our survey also found the following:

  • 61% use social networks to communicate with family, friends and acquaintances
  • 51% use social networks to kill time
  • 47% use social networks to find out about new trends
  • 43% use social networks to get the latest news

And even though their schedules are getting busier, Millennials aren’t shying away from new platforms. In fact, they are Threads power users. Almost half (42%) use it Meta threads daily and 36% use the platform weekly.

What Millennials want from brands on social media

To make an impression on Millennials, you need more than just meme templates and trending audios. Similar to their Gen Z counterparts, Millennials value brands that prioritize customer responsiveness. However, they value brands creating original content more than direct engagement.

A statistic note titled “Millennial consumers are more likely to prefer original content.”  40% say memorable brands prioritize original content over trending topics.

If the idea of ​​publishing more content makes you sweat, don’t panic. Instead, explore ways to build online communities around your product or service. It’s a win-win: your fans find support and connection, while your brand gets a constant source of highly relevant content ideas.

Millennials navigate their careers, family lives, and futures in unique ways compared to previous generations. Companies can actively contribute to these important life moments by founding them Online communities where fans can connect with each other and your brand.

How your business can reach more millennial consumers on social media

There is no one-size-fits-all strategy for creating one Social media community. However, there are some essential steps to ensure success.

Start by identifying the purpose of your community. Conversations that are specific to your product or service will become stale after a while, so make them smaller. Align your brand with high-level topics that inspire long-term discussion.

A screenshot of Sprout Social's listening tool.  In the screenshot there are words in a word cloud like #coffee, morning and drink.  At the bottom of the page, related keywords and hashtags are listed and analyzed.

Social listening tools like Sprout can help identify broader topics of interest that relate to your brand. Analyze conversations with your fans, competitors and the entire industry. Once you’ve identified some common themes, use this information to create a community-specific content plan that drives ongoing engagement.

Example of Millennial Marketing at a Glance: Instant Brands

Instant Brands is home to an iconic portfolio of brands including Pyrex, Corelle and of course Instant Pot. They also manage a thriving community of over three million fans –the Instant Pot Facebook group.

A screenshot of the Instant Pot Community Facebook group page.  The group currently has over 3 million members.

The site is home to countless archived and active discussions about Instant Pot. Users can find new recipes, innovative product use cases, advice and more. Discussions take place daily, providing Instant Pot fans with an endless stream of authentic, engaging content.

These conversations create real connections that bind millennial audiences to the Instant Pot brand. It elevates the humble device beyond the kitchen cabinet into the hearts and minds of the families who use it.

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