Ian Anderson on Opeth's new album - Wishevoke

Ian Anderson on Opeth’s new album

As we are now in the fifth year since its launch “Poison in the tail”by far the longest time since records began OpethApparently Mikael Åkerfeldt is in the middle of a creative process.

This claim was confirmed by Ian Anderson, speaks on the radio show “Mystery Tour” and on Italian radio Onda D’Urto. The legendary leader Jethro Tull’s exact words were as follows:

«I occasionally play on other people’s records when I’m interested. I just did that, last week I played on three or four tracks of a prog metal band called Opeth. They are Swedes».

Well, the possibility is very serious Opeth return to Greece next summer for a live show in Renovated Greece Lycabettus City Theatertogether with you Leprous in connection with Rockwave nightsafter at least announcing the impending release of a new record.

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