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I’ll Wait for You in Central Park is Felicia Kingsley’s new book

The new book by the successful author Felicia Kingsleyis titled “I’ll wait for you in Central Park” and will be released on February 12th Minoas Publications and in its translation Maria Oikonomido.

Book Summary: Victoria Wender has just landed in New York from Texas and is ready to revolutionize the page-turner catalog to stabilize its fluctuating income. But not with the help of Knight Underwood, the publisher waiting for his promotion! He dislikes coming second, hates romance novels, and is determined to reclaim his rightful place by any means, legitimate or otherwise. However, Victoria doesn’t give up at the first hurdle, she is completely immune to his charms and willing to make him sweat over his expensive shirts.

Amid sabotage and skirmishes, Knight and Victoria learn a secret that could jeopardize their careers. And as sworn rivals, they may have to join forces to save the publisher. Will they be able to tolerate each other for a while… or not?

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