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“Imogi” is the new psychological thriller from Stefanos Alexiadis

THE “imitation“is a groundbreaking psychological thriller from Stefano Alexiadiswhich is published by Minoas Publications on January 29th.

With a cinematic plot and breathtaking dialogues, the narrative skilfully alternates and also touches on special education topics.

On the back of the book you can read about the case:

Emoge means “to scream”. Heartbreaking scream. A deafening scream.

However, there are times when screams become synonymous with silence. A death that sows silence. Heroes who hide the past, deny the present and ignore the future. A calm that prevails a little, so little that it cannot contain the coming storm. Who said a mother can’t kill? And if he kills, does he lose this quality? Words, promises and secrets shake the ground. A crumbling floor and then she comes. THE IMOGI.

Stefanos Alexiadis

A few words about the author

Stefanos Alexiadis was born on October 18, 1993 in Thessaloniki, where he lives. He studied Greek philology at the Democritus University of Thrace and completed his master’s degree in special education and oral and written language problems at the Hellenic Open University and the University of Thessaly. At the same time, he graduated from the Department of Pedagogy at the International University of Greece and was trained in the Braille writing and reading system for the blind. In 2022, he was the keynote speaker at the 9th TEDx Conference at the University of Macedonia. His TEDx talk was about accepting the different.

His first book, Winged Sandals, was published in 2021 and a year later he won Public’s 2022 Greek Teen Literature Award.

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