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In the cedar forest, in Giannakochori Naoussa – CULTURE

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In the cedar forest, in Giannakochori, Naoussa

In the cedar forest, in Giannakochori, Naoussa, March 31, 2024
Good start, awe and holiness, great nature reading!

The great journey of visiting and protecting the cedars began at the “Batsio” site in Giannakochori, Naoussa, with 45 to 50 enthusiastic, intelligent scientists, young people and botanists… They warmly welcomed the beneficence of the four states. of the six, where we walked flying among flowering gorsias, skullcaps, sedges and the gabrus – a tree with the scientific name carpinus – meeting a thin, unripe leaf, stepping on thyme and treading our every step with musk… Hail you of nature!

So another great project was founded in the arms of Vermius, two centuries old, it will move forward, do not ask for effort, parties, fun, love and volunteerism, we know well the disability of our society and its silent, sick appearance. .. We always win with their absence!!!

The next excursion to the cedar forest will be on Sunday April 21st from Giannakochori Square and departure on the 11th morning, with hats, water bottles, sunglasses and snacks before the two excursions to the peonies, after which so many people now search, take place. begin! – For more information or needs 6939699902

May you all feel good, with or without needs!

Admire your nature

Iliad Chechos

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