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“In the First Singular” by Haruki Murakami

In his fifth short story collection is the wizard of strange, enigmatic fiction Haruki Murakami returns with a series of heartbreakingly intimate stories of love, loneliness, childhood and memory, written in the first person, expertly balancing reality and unreality in a blend of magical realism and nostalgic autobiography. His book entitled “In the First Singular” was published by Psychogios publications.

A few words about the book
I believe that love is the necessary fuel that allows us to continue living. One day this love could end. Or it might go nowhere. But even if it fades, even if it goes unanswered, you can still hold on to the memory of having loved someone, of having fallen in love with someone. And that is a valuable source of heat.

Dream states, made-up jazz albums, monkeys who talk and steal the names of the women they love, passion for music and baseball, lost youth and teenage love: eight mysterious and philosophically masterful short stories from the undisputed chronicler of modern alienation. So memory became one of my most valuable emotional tools, almost a means of survival. Like a soft kitten, curled up warm in the huge coat pocket, where it immediately falls asleep.

Who is Haruki Murakami?
Haruki Murakami is considered one of the world’s leading contemporary authors. He was born in Kyoto in 1949 and married very young, in his early twenties. He and his wife opened a jazz club in Tokyo called Peter Cat. Murakami attributes his decision to write to a paradoxical moment of sudden inspiration during a baseball game. In addition to his night work, he continued to write and translate important American authors, but only turned to writing exclusively after the great success of the novel NORWEGIAN FOREST, which sold more than 10,000,000 copies worldwide and was made into a film. Since then, Murakami has been spending his time between Japan and Hawaii, working on his novels with unparalleled consistency. He particularly loves the route of the classic Athens Marathon and once completed it alone. It was recognized with awards Franz Kafka, Jerusalem And Hans Christian Andersenas well as Japan’s most important literary prize, the Yomiurywhile it is firmly among the candidates for the award Nobel.

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