Information about Riverside's new album - Wishevoke

Information about Riverside’s new album

The River bank have officially announced their record comeback!

The great progressive rock/metal act will be releasing this “Identity” via Inside Out Music on January 20, 2023.

At the same time, the Poles unveiled the first single of the successor to the excellent “Wasteland”.

It’s about “I am done with you”whose video clip you can watch Here.

The band’s mastermind commented on the line-up: Mariusz Duda explained, among other things:

“We live in a time of anger and despair. In a time dominated by tech giants, demagogues, conspiracy theories, hatred and greedy corporations that are leading people and nature to an early death. We live in a time where you can attack another country without warning just because you think you deserve more. These days it’s just difficult to sing about love, friendship and excursions into imaginary worlds. This piece radiates anger and indignation!”

You can see the cover art and tracklist for the upcoming release below.

1. Friend or foe? (07:29)
2. Landmine explosion (04:50)
3. Big Tech Brother (07:24)
4. Post Truth (05:37)
5. The place where I belong (13:16)
6. I’m done with you (05:52)
7. Confident (8:43)

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