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Ink covers “Disarm” by Smashing Pumpkins.

Oi OK They present us their new video from their album “Whispers Of Calliope”is the band’s first collaboration with director Kostas Ordubozanis.

“Whispers Of Calliope” is released by Worm Hole Death from Italy and consists of cover versions of the band’s well-known titles and has already received rave reviews. About “Disarm” and Smashing Pumpkins they said:

The Smash pumpkins They traveled with us everywhere, at all hours and in all landscapes, in all emotional states, whispering to us the secrets of children and healing the wounds of adults. The “Disarm” It is a wonderful ode to the memories of that time that held the most sacred part of our youthful souls. Dedicated to those who do not want to forget.

listen to it Here.

Ink - Whispers of Calliope

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