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“INK” returns for five performances at Megaron Musikis

His INK Dimitris Papaioannou returns after a full year of world touring for five performances at Megaro, April 22nd, 23rd, 24th, 25th and 26th.

INK is like a dark dream about desire and release. Under incessant rain, in a flooded landscape, Dimitris Papaioannou himself, together with Šuka Horn, embodies the INK dipole.

The show has been loved by audiences and critics around the world and will complete its international tour at the renovated historic Théâtre de la Ville in Paris immediately following performances in Athens. Advance sales start on February 1, 2024.

INK (2020) by DIMITRIS PAPAIOANNOU – tour teaser 2024 out of Dimitris Papaioannou At Vimeo.

The show has already played to more than 60,000 viewers in 15 countries and received critical acclaim:

“From the moment the curtain opens, the show keeps the audience on the edge of their seats.” – Campadidanza Dance Magazine

“INK expands the boundaries of theater” – The duty

“Immersive and perverse” – The country

“As rarely happens in theatre, through the evocative power of his dreamlike images, Papaioannou succeeds in telling us about human relationships, igniting our fears and evoking nothing but beauty.” – New city

“Dimitris Papaioannou, Greek artist, master and absolute ruler of a powerful theater of matter and thought” – Curtain


“A spectacle that defies definition” – Limina Theater

“Perverse, anarchic and seductive” – ABC Seville

“A constant search for the sublime” – The country

“Like the actions of a father toward his son, or a man who leaves a mark on the universe to create measurable distances between himself and the emptiness that surrounds him.” – elegant magazine

“Papaioannou illuminates the dark sides of desire. He convincingly embodies a particularly conflicted character: an old man who wants to control everything and ends up losing control.” – Daily Mirror

“As he has proven to us many times, Dimitris Papaioannou is a true master” – Diary of Seville

“This is the story of one man’s nightmares. “Motherhood experienced through a male body with violent, ironic, homoerotic and absurd allusions” – elegant magazine

“The most important European choreographer, the Greek Dimitris Papaioannou” – the Republic


Conception – direction – set design – costumes – lighting | Dimitris Papaioannou

Dressed man | Dimitris Papaioannou

Naked man | Horn knocks

Music | Cornelius Selamsis

Audio design | David Blouin

Lightning design | Lucien Laborderie, Stefanos Drousiotis

Direction – Production Execution + Assistant Director | Tina Papanikolaou

Deputy Director | Haris Frangoulis

Rehearsal speech | Paulina Andriopoulou

Team training | Horn knocks

Photography + filming | Julian Mommert

The music was recorded by musicAeterna under his direction Theodorou Kourenzis

The name of the project was given by Angelo Mentis

The octopuses were made by Nektarios Dionysatos
Visual partner | Vangelis Xenodochidis
International relations + communication + travel organization | Julian Mommert
Technical management | Manolis Vitsaxakis
Stage Management – ​​Sound Engineer | David Blouin
Tutorial Direction – Direction | Gela Christopoulou
Lighting programming| Lucien Laboratory
Stage technician – aviator | Angelos Katsiolias
Production execution 2WORKS in collaboration with POLYPLANITY Productions
Employees in production execution | Vicky Strataki
Production Execution Assistant | Kali Cavvatha’s INK in its first version began in 2021 as a commission and co-production of the Torinodanza Festival / Teatro Stabile di Torino – Teatro Nazionale + Fondazione I Teatri / Festival Aperto – Reggio Emilia.

The completion of the project and the INK world tour are co-produced by the Biennale de la Danse de Lyon 2023, Sadler’s Wells London and the Athens Concert Hall and supported by the Ministry of Culture.

Dimitris Papaioannou is Artist in Residence at the Athens Concert Hall.

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