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Jason Newsted finally reveals why he left Metallica

In a current one interview by for ScuzzTV, o Jason Newsted spoke about the story behind his departure from Metallica.

“I never told the story. I actually don’t know if I should say it now. A lot has accumulated over time, which led to my escape. There’s something very strange that no one knows, I think. Metallica’s management was very enthusiastic about Echobrain (Newsted’s side project). They wanted to help me release it. They thought that Echobrain was really good, that the singer was really good and that it wouldn’t affect Metallica because it was something completely different.

“They told me very convincingly that they hear it all the time in the office, that it’s fantastic and that the boy has a great voice. They suggested we do something with it. When James (Hetfield) found out, he wasn’t happy at all. He wanted to stop it because in his eyes it would affect Metallica because the managers would be interested in something else that had nothing to do with him.

“I don’t know exactly what he was thinking. He was probably protecting what he valued, as he always does. That’s Hetfield. He protects what he loves, he holds it very tightly, perhaps more than he should, as he himself said. So management said to me: “Your new project is fantastic, we will help you with it.” After a while, when James had already figured it out, they said: “Sorry, we can’t help you with Echobrain.” So it happened.”

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