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Kapten – “I hate it”

captain! The eight-piece band, which gained attention with special music and explosive live performances, has just released the first single entitled “I hate it‘ from their upcoming album.

A mix of uptempo soul, R&B, with electrified vocals, jazzy brass and a sarcastic mood for all those moments of tension in human relationships where mixed emotions mix with passion and love and keep them alive.

Kapten is a multi-member band with two voices, two wind instruments (trumpet and saxophone), two drums, guitar and bass. They combine elements from different genres that may seem to have nothing to do with each other, but there is always an invisible thread that connects them and common origins that meet in their music and performance!

Kapten want to inspire the world with their music and attitude and make the listener dance! Listen to I Hate It, their new single, out loud, sing and dance with them!

Chapters are:
Panagiotis Kapetanakis
Alexandra Karabourniotis
Thomas Kostoulas
Thanos Tsakiltzidis
Grigoris Liolios
Alexis Makatselos
Nikos Tsop

Text: Kapten, Alexandra Karampournioti & Nikos Tsop

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