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Kostis Moschonas: “EXPOTROF is clearly looking abroad”

A few hours before EXPOTROF opens the curtain for the 10th time, the organizer of the largest exhibition of Greek premium products, Kostis Moschonas, talks to us about its development, its goals but also the new things we will see this year.

EXPOTROF turns 10 this year. Will there be anything special at this year’s event?
THE ΕΞΠΟΤΡΟΦ – The Greek delicatessen exhibition grows up and clearly looks abroad. All our efforts are aimed at promoting and strengthening the extroversion of quality Greek products. We’re starting this year’s event two new sections: Wine Walk and Olive Oil Bar Where wine and wine tasting take place, we will honor our exhibitors who have supported us over the years at a special event and present the AFFA Awards for the outstanding products of 2024.

For the first time in the food exhibition sector there will be a tasting of extra virgin olive oil. Does it have anything to do with the point of equating olive oil with gold?
We make decisions about all our events at the end of each event. So when we made the decision about the new measures last year, we couldn’t have imagined how things would turn out. It can be said that our premonition that this specific action would generate interest turned out to be absolutely correct. We are now convinced of this The olive oil bar becomes the focus of the exhibition both for the occasion and for the knowledge that visitors will gain.

What else will we see at the side events?
The Food Expert Stories seminars and the culinary events of “Cooking Greece” are an integral part of EXPOTROF. However, this year we are opening the Wine Walk and Olive Bar, We include EXPOTROF’s web TV There will be short interviews with market managers and of course we will present the AFFA Awards to those products that stand out in 2024 for their quality, taste and innovation.

How far is the 1st EXPO from the one we will see this year? Are you proud of your career? Are there things you wish you had done differently?
EXPOTROF began as a culinary festival where the public learned about the flavors and products of the entire country. The company has now grown and is focusing on the targeted marketing of Greek products on international markets. We are particularly proud that through EXPOTROF Chefs, companies and products were selected. We stay true to this and every year we try to connect our exhibitors with targeted buyers interested in presenting Greek products abroad

Where would you like to emphasize more this year and how do you want to achieve this?
As mentioned above, EXPOTROF is looking abroad. As we follow developments in the market, we see that premium Greek products are gaining an increasingly larger share on the global market map and our goal is to help ensure that Greek products find their own place in these markets. This year we are hosting Buyers from all continents. We have buyers from Singapore and Canada, from Europe and the United Arab Emirates. These entrepreneurs have already seen the exhibitors and their products through our specially developed platform theDeliFair.gr and come to conclude commercial contracts.

What feedback do you get from people over the years? Are you seeing interest growing?
Producers love EXPOTROF because they saw their products stand out during the exhibition, and visitors love EXPOTROF because they know they will find what they are looking for for their company. We have exhibitors who follow us every year and exhibitors who choose EXPOTROF to present their products to the general public for the first time. I am particularly pleased about the feedback on the exhibition over the years positive, despite the difficulties we have faced from time to time.

Your plans for the future of EXPOTROF?
The future of EXPOTROF lies beyond our borders. Our goal is to internationally highlight the wealth of our producers’ products. Whether it is attracting foreign visitors or taking the exhibition on a global tour, we are committed to expanding its reach. Furthermore, we are aware of its importance invest more time in digital advertising of our producers. With the appropriate measures, we hope to achieve this goal soon and make EXPOTROF the first exhibition with a presence both in Greece and abroad.

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