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Lampis Kountourogiannis reveals the soul of music

«For us musicians, the most important thing is that we feel our music inside us and that it also comes through sonically“, he says Lampis Kountourogiannis. Known for his collaborations with leading artists of the Greek music scene, but also as a member of the show’s band “Jukebox” from ERT1, Lampis is the person with whom Pioneer Home Audio associates its return to Greece.

The brand that has become synonymous with sound is here, with a new retailer, new products and the most advanced home hi-fi and home theater technology. Today, Pioneer continues what it has known very well for decades: bringing innovation, yes combines advanced technology with artistic talent to create immersive audio and visual experiences.

Pioneer was the first to recognize the catalytic role of technology in shaping the way we listen, create and share music. With breakthroughs such as the Laser Disk (1979), the car CD player (1984), the DVD-Video player (1996), the high-definition plasma display (1997) and Pioneer has become one of the most influential brands in its field since its founding in 1938.

Artists like Andy Warhol, Elton John, Sonny Rollins, Ray Charles etc. have over time become associated as “ambassadors” of the brand, but also of high-fidelity sound – that is, that which brings the creator very close to the listener and dominates our senses.

«Music is our soul. And sound is the soul of music»says Lampis Kountourogiannis in the following video.

«What I know very well is that with great equipment you have great sound». Lampis Kountourogiannis talks about the music he plays and listens to.

Whatever media format we choose, vinyl, streaming or CD, Pioneer’s Bluetooth amplifiers They reproduce the most subtle shades That’s what our favorite artists want us to feel, even when we’re streaming.

With sound amplifiers, home theater amplifiers, speakers, CD players, car audio, DJ equipment, the latest streaming technologies with Bluetooth and top features such as Dolby Atmos®, MQA or DTS-HD Master Audio™, Pioneer brings sound to life .

Pioneer Hi-Fi systems take us into a world where musical talent is reproduced with breathtaking naturalness.

To hear the music the way its creators feel.

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Sound. Vision. Soul

Pioneer Home Audio is present in Greece from the group NN group.

Lampis Kountourogiannis

Composer, lyricist and founding member of music groups Wedding Singers, Rizes, Modrec, Spectralfire and Isect Radiomember of Imam Baildi and their guitarist Rena’s Morphy.

Lampis Kountourogiannis turns out to be a multi-talented musician who not only manages to conquer the stage with his talent and authentic personality, but also transmits real passion and energy to the audience.

In his musical career he has collaborated as a guitarist with the biggest names of the Greek scene, such as Haris Alexiou, Dimitra Galani, Mary Linda, Anna Vissi, Yiannis Charoulis, Natassa Bofiliou, Eleonora Zouganelis, etc. both at the concert level and on the level of recording studios and television appearances.
As a music producer/arranger, he has worked with Lavrentis Mahairitsa, Ian Stratis, Orestis Falireas, Eleonora Zouganelis, etc.

He continues to be an active DJ at various venues in Athens and continues to seek out the music of today, yesterday and tomorrow.

In recent years we have enjoyed him on the very successful ERT1 show “Music Box”, hosted by Nikos Portokaloglou and Rena Morphi.

Remember happiness

The group has existed since 1993 NNGroup, based in Thessaloniki, has developed into a leading company in the area of ​​sound and building acoustics refinement.

With more than 30 agencies, subsidiaries and online and physical storesNNGroup offers an extensive range of products and services in the area of ​​sound and sound absorption systems for residential and commercial spaces.

At the same time, it provides all the tools and technical support for the distribution of reliable products and services in Greece, Cyprus and the Balkans.

The combination of the latest technology with the love of sound and the central motto “Remind Happiness”NNGroup has been a pioneer in the development and implementation of integrated sound systems for 30 years. offers new audio experiences.

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