Last performances until January 28th at the Contemporary Theater - Wishevoke

Last performances until January 28th at the Contemporary Theater

Ingmar Bergman’s heartbreaking masterpiece Scenes from a Wedding, directed by Elena Karakoulis and starring Nikos Psarras and Marina Aslanoglou, continues its successful run at the Contemporary Theater until Sunday, January 28, 2024.

“Scenes from a Wedding” was written exactly 50 years ago, first as a television series and then as a film with worldwide success. “It took two and a half months to write these scenes. It took me an entire adult life to live it,” Bergman said.

In fact, Marianne and Johan’s story captures with relentless honesty and almost documentary realism the stages of decline and decline in a marital relationship.



While maintaining the structure and the wonderfully ironic title of the “Scenes”, Elena Karakoulis stages Marina Aslanoglou and Nikos Psarras in a performance about the existential field of encounters, but also of conflict with the other.

SCENES FROM A WEDDING by Ingmar Bergman with N. Psarras and M. Aslanoglou |  Director Elena Karakoulis

Director’s note

«Our scenes begin with a celebration, a public declaration of love. Johan and Marianne celebrate their tenth wedding anniversary. They have honesty, imagination, humor. You enjoy the security of family life and a good professional career.

From the ideal, photographable side of this relationship and the display of absolute happiness, we move on to the more virtuous side of married life: There, between piles of things and to-do lists, everyday life sinks in: tenderness, despair, decay, infidelity, boredom, conflict, Violence, a piece of junk food, a panicked phone call, plans for the future, a valley of tears and an unfinished goodbye.

A story in which we recognize all parts of ourselves, a cinematic script that leaves behind an era 50 years ago without having aged in the least. After the emotional response to our performance at the Piraeus City Theater, we look forward to seeing Johan and Marianne again at the Contemporary Theater».

Elena Karakoulis


Translation – dramatization – direction: Elena Karakoulis

Landscape: Alegia Papageorgiou

Costumes: Royal wire

Motion editor: Phaedra Soutou

Music composition video:Violet Louise

Lighting: Nikos Vlasopoulos

Assistant director: Anthi Fuda

Deputy stage designer: Konstantina Papathanasiou

Promotional photos: Spyros Perdiou

Performance photos: Giorgos Hatjinikolou

Show trailer: Stefanos Kosmidis

Visual identity of the show: Ioannis K. Tsigas

Social media: Danai Gutkidou

Production department: Maria Anamaterou

Production organization: Mara Konaka

Marina Aslanoglou, Nikos Psarras
Friendly participation in the performance video:
Karabeti walnut tree

Synchrono Theatro, 45 Eumolpidon, telephone: 210 3464380,

Wednesday 9:15 p.m., Friday 9:00 p.m., Saturday 6:15 p.m. & Sunday 9:15 p.m

DURATION: 110 minutes

and at the box office 2103464380


Days of the week:

One zone: €20 (regular) – €17 (student, unemployed, 65+)

B’ ZONE: 18 € (regular) – 16 € (student, unemployed, 65+)

ZONE C: 16 € (regular) – 14 € (student, unemployed, 65+)

Saturday Sunday:

A’ ZONE: €22 (regular) – €20 (65+) – €19 (student, unemployed)

B’ ZONE: €20 (regular) – €18 (65+) – €17 (student, unemployed)

ZONE C: €17 (regular) – €16 (65+) – €15 (student, unemployed)

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