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Legendary live recordings

The line Legendary live recordings He’s trying to make something very, very beautiful, which many people might not like, but it’s a very, very interesting project for fans of some bands, for collectors and, above all, for historical reasons.

They have collected footage from concerts that were broadcast live on either radio or television in America. They have taken the original audio files and processed them digitally so as not to lose their authenticity but also to make them easier to listen to and they present some on CD and some on vinyl.

The work done is generally excellent, but the most important thing, in my opinion, is that they managed to maintain the live feel of the recordings while enriching the releases with rich liner notes that… Maybe it’s not always so special or expensive, but it gives the whole thing an extra interesting touch.

Below we present some of the releases released by Klondike, RoxVox, Live On Vinyl and Interference, delivered in our country by RockaRolla.

Dio – Live In Santa Monica 1983 (Klondike)

Here we are five months after the release of Holy Diver (October 7, 1983 to be exact) and it feels like the short god is at its peak. Consider the string of successes from which he emerged: three masterpieces with Rainbow, two more with Black Sabbath and another with his own band. He mainly plays songs from “Holy Diver”, as well as “Stargazer”, “Heaven And Hell” and closes with a metal version of “Man On The Silver Mountain” and “Starstruck”. Vivian Campbell on guitar is impressive, while the sound is very average. It sounds paradoxical, but I grew up listening to Dio on cassettes and I got a really nice feeling with the sound of this recording, made from the live radio broadcast of WPLR-FM in the USA with the studio manager now and now then between songs it reminds us that we are hearing Dio live.

Queensryche – Live at Civic Center San Jose, CA (Live on Vinyl)

1983 was the year Queensryche were introduced to the outside world. After releasing the Queen Of The Reich EP, first on their own and then through EMI, and with Warning in the works, they played their first live shows opening for bands like Zebra and Quiet Riot, but found themselves primarily supporting Dio concerts again for his “Holy Diver” tour (see above). On this recording, which makes Dio’s respective sound seem amateurish, they play all four songs from the EP, opening with “Prophecy,” a song that would find its way years later as a bonus track on the band’s upcoming first full-length album. Tate is a minor god here and the band oozes US metal greatness, which automatically evokes even more sadness when compared to the demise of modern history. It is released on green vinyl and is perfect for more than just collectors.

Metallica – Live: Reunion Arena, Dallas, TX, February 5, 89 (RoxVox)

The title pretty much says it all, just to reiterate that the album was recorded five months after its release “…And justice for all”This is the album that gave them a big boost in popularity in the US (before the big bang of the self-titled album, of course). The processed sound doesn’t make it all that different from the countless Metallica bootlegs that I’m sure fans own, but if there’s anything that stands out about this recording – taken from the Z-Rock FM radio station rebroadcast – it’s them James’ antics (and the burps within them). “Seek And Destroy”), the space they give to Jason Newkid (as James calls him), and of course the setlist, which contains only anthems (but also the rarely played live “Eye Of The Beholder”) and with a number of Coverversions ends, on an evening where there must have been plenty of alcohol on and off stage.

Nirvana – Live…The Pat O’Brien Pavilion, Del Mar 1991 (interference)

This CD reminded me of that and clarified things for me with just one listen. First of all, it reminded me why I wanted to see Nirvana live more than any other band as a kid. And he explained something to me that many people forget. How you don’t have to be the best to be the… best. Perhaps this is the best of the featured releases as it manages to put you in the pulse of the concert with the band’s sound and performance. After “Nevermind” was released some time ago, Nirvana opened for the Red Hot Chili Peppers at this concert broadcast on Syndicated FM Radio in December 1991, Cobain/Novoselic/Grohl are at their best. The fresh hits are predictably good, but the real power lies in songs like “School,” “Floyd The Barber,” and “Aneurysm.” Excellent live impression.

Soundgarden – Live at the Palladium Hollywood (Live on Vinyl)

On October 6, 1991, RIP Magazine celebrated its fifth anniversary by throwing a small party in the slums of Hollywood. Spinal Tap opened the party concert, followed by Pearl Jam, Alice In Chains and Soundgarden. After crying with me and marking the date in case the time machine is ever found, we come to this release, the seven songs from the headliners’ show and three from their show at the same venue on April 25th next year contains. It opens with a cover of Black Sabbath’s “Into The Void,” the lyrics of which have been altered to use words from Chief Seattle, the man the city is named after. In fact, the arrangement in question was on the bonus EP of Badmotorfinger’s limited edition, entitled “Satanoscillatemymetallicsonatas.” They were always so divine. It ends with an epic rendition of “Slaves & Bulldozers,” which at some point also includes Ted Nugent’s “Stranglehold.” In between, Soundgarden tear it up like there is no tomorrow and only play excerpts, mainly from “Badmotorfinger”, which was released between the two shows. The sound is fantastic, the performance is great and it’s impossible not to utter “Why Christara?” at the end of listening. The only (small) disadvantage of the vinyl is that it cuts out “Jesus Christ Pose” in the middle of both sides, which is also reminiscent of the cassette era.

Megadeth – Night Of The Living Megadeth – Live In New York City (RoxVox)

A few days before the release of “Youthanasia”, Megadeth were invited by MTV to play live at an evening called “Night Of The Living Megadeth” as it was close to Halloween. I have a huge soft spot for this particular album and with (almost) the band’s best classic line-up, I really enjoyed it, the highlight being the closer “Victory”, a song I never expected them to sing would play live. I’ve heard better live releases from Megadeth, but I found this one for a reason. Then I thought since it was on MTV it would probably be on YouTube, and it is, but the edited audio on the CD is much better.

Dream Theater – Metropolis Part 1… Live – Summerfest Milwaukee June ’93 (Klondike)

In Milwaukee, they’re lucky not only because they’re seeing Giannis in 2017, but also because they saw Dream Theater live in 1993, when the band toured with Images And Words, at a peak that will never be matched again. Those who have watched the recent live streaming from Tokyo know how in their dozens everyone was, and James LaBrie is in the period before the poisoning episode that greatly changed his voice at concerts. He may throw a few dicks at first until he warms up, but his voice packs a punch in this recording. Also very interesting is the performance of two great songs from “When Dream And Day Unite”, “Fortune In Lies” and “Status Seeker”, but the highlights are the ten minute fantastic performance of “To Live Forever” and “Eve”, which This whoever edited the release probably doesn’t know it and calls it jamming. This is one of the few funny things about the edit, as in the booklet they included a photo from Dominici’s era where the names are (mis)spelled, as well as generally photos from more modern eras of the band that don’t match its contents . But mostly they show ignorance (or a different perception in the US) by constantly mentioning Dream Theater as an important AOR and melodic rock band. Let’s enjoy Kevin Moore. Apart from the rest, this is one of the good ones as I have owned quite a few pirated copies of plays. As a reminder: Summerfest was broadcast live on Lazer 103 and that’s where the recording comes from. At the end you can hear the festival director telling people that the festival continues triumphantly the next day…

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