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Like Water for Hot Chocolate by Laura Esquivel

Mexican-born Laura Esquivel writes a novel full of tastes, smells and aromas. An unfulfilled love story and many recipes from Mexican cuisine. The book “Like Water for Hot Chocolate” was published by Cedar Publications.

The premise of the book
Tita is born on the kitchen table, in a flood of tears from peeling onions. Condemned by tradition to remain unmarried to care for her tyrannical mother, Mama Elena, Tita finds her meaning in life in the De la Garza family’s kitchen. Their food not only enchants with its exquisite aromas, but also conveys emotions to everyone who tastes it, their pain, their bitterness, their joy or their lust. When Mama Elena forces Tita’s lover Pedro to marry her older sister, Tita learns to preserve and nourish his love with her legendary dishes.

Mexican recipes, intense passions and magical realism are the ingredients of Laura Esquivel’s delightful novel, considered one of the most important Spanish-language novels of the 20th century. It was translated into forty languages, adapted for the cinema with great success, and earned the author a place in the pantheon of Latin American literature.

Who is Laura Esquivel?

Laura Esquivel was born in Mexico in 1950. She began her career as a screenwriter. The publication of her first novel, Like Water for Hot Chocolate, in 1989 was a major global publishing event of the 1990s. The film adaptation of the book based on her own script was also a great commercial success. Six novels followed, some of which were published in Greek by Oceanida publications.

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