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Living through the rubble by Rena Maraziotis

In the midst of the fire and whirlwind of war, Elian, who has hopelessly lost her entire family, meets Sergio, a Greek war correspondent, on the outskirts of Damascus.


The Turkish coast is full of ships with refugees. These include illegal immigrants who stand out from the persecuted refugees.
Everyone dreams of a place in heaven called Greece. Money, work, home, security are the tempting words that convinced them to pay whatever the smugglers demanded. Most gave their all because they were faced with the annihilation, utter destruction and death that war brings.

Elian is faced with the difficult decision to leave her homeland and go to Greece alone because the great love born in the heat of war, Sergios, is forced to fulfill his duty.

What will ultimately be the price of this uprooting?

A touching novel based on true events that can enchant every reader from the first to the last page.

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