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Loreena McKennitt for a concert at the Herodion


Herodes Atticus Conservatory

Wednesday, June 26th

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The muse who captivated Greek audiences, the sensitive Canadian songwriter Lorena McKennittthe elf with the ethereal voice and dreamy melodies is celebrating the 30th anniversary of her most famous album “The Mask and Mirror” with a European tour.

Athens has the honor of being the first stop on her eponymous tour. The premiere will take place on June 26, 2024 in Herodion and ends on July 25 in Meran, Italy. McKennitt and her band will travel to more than 20 cities in Greece, Turkey, Spain, Germany and Italy. Immediately after Athens, Loreena McKennitt will perform live in Thessaloniki (June 27).

“The Mask and Mirror” was released in 1994. It was her fifth album and is considered the best of her career, a turning point in her music and has sold more than two million copies worldwide. It was described by Billboard as “timeless and transcendent” and praised for its “cross-cultural identity” as it combines Celtic, Spanish and Moroccan influences.

In this context, McKennitt claims that her inspiration came from particular paths of inner enlightenment and that she explores fundamental questions that resonate through the ages: what is the origin of God, what is religion and what is spirituality, what has really been revealed to us? and what has remained hidden, what they ultimately reveal “the mask and the mirror”.

In Herodio and in Thessaloniki, at their two “Greek” concerts we will not only hear “The Mask and Mirror”, which will of course form the backbone of the program, but the set list also includes McKennitt’s favorite songs, including Tango toEvora, the “Tango by Nefelis”, which was arranged in Greek by Haroula Alexiou in 1996. She is accompanied on stage by her musicians, permanent collaborators, Caroline Lavelle on cello, Brian Hughes on guitar, Hugh Marsh on violin, Dudley Phillips on bass and Robert Brian on drums.

“This album has been a historical and musical pilgrimage for me and I am excited to bring it back to Europe this summer, a time that will allow me to perform in so many open venues,” says McKennitt. “It’s definitely a milestone in my career and I’m looking forward to celebrating it with so many people I haven’t seen in a long time.”

Produced by Loreena McKennitt herself, the recording of “The Mask and Mirror” comprises eight tracks, with McKennitt accompanied by 12 musicians and a choral ensemble.

McKennitt’s eclectic Celtic blend of pop, folk and world music has sold over 14 million albums worldwide. Her recordings are gold, platinum and multi-platinum records in 15 countries on 4 continents. McKennitt has been nominated for a GRAMMY® Award twice and has won two Juno Awards and a Billboard International Achievement Award.

As far as impressions of their live performances are concerned, it is enough to read two or three reviews.

“A fantastic concert! I hated the end of the show, I wish it had lasted for hours!…’.

“Her voice is as strong and perfect as ever. Very warm performance and I liked the personal stories.”

“I’ve waited 25 years to see Loreena live and last night I finally had my first chance. It didn’t disappoint me in the least.

Thirty years after we heard its first note, Loreena comes to our country to initiate us live into the mysticism of the iconic “Mask and Mirror”. To introduce us to spirituality and the eternal journey from darkness to the light that rules it, playing the whole as it was written, giving it artistic immortality by defeating the decaying forces of time.




June 26th

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