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“Man Eater” is her first collection of poems

An overall representation of her diverse work Sunny Baltzi included in her first collection of poems”cannibal». It is a powerful distillation of emotions from different time periods that attempts to draw us down the paths of myth, harsh reality, loss, cursed love and meaninglessness as the imaginary source of salvation takes on the task of extinguishing the world building principles.

Four sections, four axes around which her unbridled imagination unfolds, revealing her unconventional talent and powerful writing as she wanders through iconic brothels, old neighborhoods, infamous streets and dreams in search of lost innocence.

The “funeral” is typical and reminiscent of the great songwriter Arleta, who even named Sunny Baltzi the leading poet of her generation. The book also includes poems set to music through important collaborations, particularly their outstanding works-turned-songs, while revealing the two remaining quatrains of the song “San Juan,” which Stavros Siolas extracted and composed from this collection prior to publication a part of it. The book’s sketches were edited by the visual artist Dimitris Asteriou.

The presentation of the new book will take place on Monday, January 29, 2024, at 7:00 p.m. in the central event hall of the “Parnassus” literary association

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