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Marea Lautari’s book “Relationship School” will be published on Wednesday.

He does not understand me. I give more than he gives me. I firmly believe in this… And this “that” shapes my relationships. It becomes the reality that I create.

Rather, the complexity of relationships is a given. This makes Marea Lautari, communicator and certified Strategic Intervention Coach at Robbins Madanes Training, the ideal “conversation partner” to simplify things a little. The book School of relationships, based on the training of the same name that Marea Lautari has used with great success, covers a wide range of problems that people face in their relationships, whether they are just beginning or evolving over time ( or become a little “tired”) are years. It is a guide that helps us understand ourselves better and, moreover, recognize what we are doing right or wrong and what we can control.

An important intersection in the way we normally approach problems is the author’s position that even one of the two partners can bring about the change and, through their own efforts, make a decisive contribution to improving their relationship – to pave the way towards the ideal pave the way he imagined.

And it’s nice to have the knowledge that, after all, our happiness is largely in our hands.

We read on the back

Relationship School will save you time and save you a lot of pain and frustration, whether you are looking for a new partner or are in a relationship and worried. I wrote it as if I had you in front of me and we were talking in person. With the new information and exercises it contains, it will help you clarify exactly what points you need to pay attention to, understand what you are doing right and what you are doing wrong, know exactly what you can control or change and what you cannot, and above all, to achieve this, which will unfortunately remain incomprehensible and therefore impossible for many:

Desire and love your partner, but don’t need them.

The less you “need” someone, the better relationship you can have with them.

They talked about the author and the book

It takes courage, self-confidence and inner work to regain your strength.

But often you also need someone to shake your hand and believe in you.

And this is Marea.
Nikos Aliagas, Paris, 2024

I know Marea well. We’ve never hung out. But I listened to her so carefully, I got so many answers from her, that I feel like the ten minutes, even twenty minutes of our televised meetings or those more private meetings in our dressing room, between brushes, hairdryers, clothes and Shoes, they helped me feel very close to her.

Marea has that. She is your big sister, even though she is much younger. So I remember something from everything Marea told me. And surprisingly, it’s not an answer. It is the question “How do you love yourself?” If you think about it, this question from Marea will change your life. Because each of us deals with love differently, requires different proof of its existence, perceives it differently and demands something different. The sooner we ask ourselves this question, the more confident we will be. And the sooner we find out the answer from our partner, the faster we will build a relationship that makes us happy if it makes us both happy. You can find the rest in the wonderful book you hold in your hands…
Nancy Zampetoglou, journalist and presenter

Title: Relationship School
Author: Lautari Marea
ISBN: 978-618-220-791-8
Price including VAT (€): 16.60
Pages: 352


Marea Lautari studied at ASOEE and received a master’s degree in political communication in England. After a successful fifteen-year career as a communications and PR manager for multinational companies such as Coca-Cola and Rolls-Royce, she decided to make a U-turn and work for people’s well-being. She is the first certified strategic intervention trainer in Greece by Tony Robbins and psychotherapist Cloé Madanes. He has been working as a strategic intervention coach for individuals and companies for fourteen years. He has worked with companies such as Microsoft Global, HENKEL, Coca-Cola CCHBC, AGET HERACLIS, Piraeus Bank, Eurobank, Mondelez, TEO HAIR DESIGN, Wella, KERASTASE/L’OREAL, PROCTER & GAMBLE, MENARINI, NOVARTIS, AMVYX (for). Brands: MOET & CHANDON and VEUVE CLICQUOT), SNF (Stavros Niarchos Foundation) and is a mentor at AMKE EXELIXI ZOIS, which deals with supporting children who come from an abusive family environment. She is married and has a twelve-year-old son and a Westie.

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