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Maria Protopappa directs and stars in “Antigone” by Jean Anouille

After the first climb into the basement of the art theater, h Maria Protopappa approaches it again in terms of direction and interpretation “Antigone” from Jean Anouille, in a performance that further develops the director’s original vision. By taking it upon herself to articulate most of Antigone’s words, the director attempts to create a commentary between the signifier and the signified of the heroine’s existence. Does Antigone exist and to what extent is the desire-need that she creates true?

They interpret o Christos StergioglouThe Yannis TsortekisThe Dimitris MamiosThe Dimitris MargaritisThe Maria Protopappa, in whose person the role of the director is identified with the role of Antigone, which she shares on stage with the debutante Elektra Baruta. The show is expected to premiere on October 15, 2022.

The story of Antigone

Antigone as a mythical figure has posed a fascinating mystery throughout the centuries. What drives them to conflict with authority? Does this conflict justify the sacrifice of her life? Are there any mitigating factors in the Creon he is up against? How much does every society need the presence of an Antigone and for what reasons beyond the obvious? Sophocles was the first to explain their myth in 441 BC. Brought onto the stage. and the French writer Jean Anouille he rebuilt it during World War II.

From 1944 onwards, Anouille’s “Antigone” was performed at its premiere on theaters all over the world and always sparked heated discussions. In Greece it was first performed at the Art Theater in 1946–1947, directed by Karolos Koun, with Elli Lampeti in the title role. Thus, the play that brought Karolos Koon to Greece returns for the second time to the theater where it culminated, while also marking the 80th anniversary since the founding of the Art Theater (1942-2022).

Creon forbids by law the burial of Antigone’s brother Polynices because he had marched an army against the city of his ancestors and his brother Eteocles. Antigone will defy this order. Antigone speaks against Creon and the power of words, their potential ability to shape realities or even be perceived as such, is the main claim of this reading of Antigone.

Director’s note

In extreme situations of history, such as the one we live in now, in which cosmogonic changes take place that we CANNOT be aware of until they are complete, in these abrupt transitions – mutations of historical man – the framework and the CRUSHED individuals are a necessity for the collective, but also their public character. We suddenly move towards the technology-obsessed, politically fixated man who enjoys public discourse but lacks democracy and control over himself and his life. Not to mention his individual freedoms and privacy, the moment he is “deliberately” exposed along with everyone and in the eyes of everyone.

Myths are stories that people tell or hear and through which every society tries to understand their origins, their relationships with the outside world, and man’s place in the universe as a whole. Its value comes from the fact that the events that supposedly developed at a certain point in the distant past represent a structure that remains unchanged in the present, the past and the future (Claude Lévi-Strauss).

Anui invites viewers to reflect on the meaning of life and reject any form of compromise. It is one of his Pieces noires (Black Works), which were full of irony and sarcasm. He had found a way to laugh at the misfortune: “My works are more Molière. Thanks to Moliere, French theater is not dark. We laugh like soldiers in war at our misery and terror.

If it were easy to decide which side is right or wrong, we wouldn’t be talking about a tragedy. Their value lies not in the conflict between good and evil, innocence and guilt, but in a confrontation of moral principles and political positions in which it is difficult for the average person to take a clear position. To the question: Is their sacrifice worth it? The works of Sophocles and Anuis do not provide a definitive and non-negotiable answer.

Translation: Marios Ploritis
Dramatic direction, editing: Maria Protopappa

Stage area costumes: Eva Nathena
Application: Katerina Fotiadis
Music: Lolek Lighting: Melina Masha
Deputy Directors: Dimitris Stavropoulos, Orestis Stavropoulos
Assistant Costume Designer: Elsa Gogoglou
Promotional photos: Roula Revi
Performance photos: Marilena Anastasiadou
Make-up for the advertising photo shoot: Sissy Petropoulou
Photography Jewelry: Noilence
Performance video trailer: Michael Mavromoustakos
Graphic design – poster design: Yiannis Stamatopoulos
Show contact: Angelika Kapsampeli
Production Manager: Anastasia Cavallari
Production execution: Kart Productions-Maria Xanthopoulidou
YOU PLAY: Christos Stergioglou, Yiannis Tsortekis, Dimitris Mamios, Dimitris Margaritis, Electra Barouta and Maria Protopappa
Production: Kart Productions in co-production with the Karolo Koun Art Theater

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ANTIGONE by Jean Anouille – 2nd year at the Kunsttheater

Karolo Koun Art Theater – Basement, Pesmazoglou 5
Tel. 210.3228706- 210.3222760
Show days and times:
Thursday to Saturday at 8:30 p.m. Sunday at 7:00 p.m
Duration: 110 minutes

Ticket prices:
Thursday: General admission 15 euros
Friday: Regular 18 euros – Reduced 15 euros
Saturday: Regular 20 euros – Reduced 15 euros
Sunday: Regular 20 euros – Reduced 15 euros

Pre sales:
– At the box office of the Art Theater – Keller (Pesmazoglou 5), tel. 2103228706
– In the

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