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Maro Leonardou talks to “Thema” about her new book

An orphaned child from a fishing village on Kythira becomes a journalist, news presenter and broadcaster with the help of five elves!

“Mr. M” is the title and theme of the new one Book by Maros Leonardou, published by ARMOS Publications.

The hero’s story begins in the fishing village Kythera But the rest of his trip is spent on private television, in the old, early, glory days of private television in Greece. At that time, we all, or almost all, believed that if this magical tool gained more power and many voice channels, it would do a lot!

And that Maro Leonardou it belonged to those who believed and hoped in it. Thanks to her father, the journalist and writer Giorgos Leonardos, who was one of the first in Greece to present a news program, she lived “on” television as a child. He lived from the first moment and from the birth of the privateer, he worked in it and he is one of the people who were loved. In her new book (the seventh) she talks about what she experienced while working in the private sector for 21 years, but emphasizes that she does not describe real people, does not talk about scandals and has no trace of gossip Even the slightest mood doesn’t move her.

-His subject matter, in addition to your admittedly talented writing style, is a lure for the reader. Was that the first reason you decided to write it, or what was inside you in your professional years that you couldn’t say?

– If I wanted to say something concrete, I would say it by writing either my autobiography or a historical book with documents about private television. But since I started in 2008, I’ve been writing literature and novels. And novels are sometimes based on true facts and fantasies that only the author himself can know, depending on his experiences. The central idea of ​​the book is that money, vanity, luck, inspiration and perhaps genes are the driving forces that make you do television. I created a surreal environment in which the heroes of the book, who are not real people, move. Equally surreal were those of us who worked during those golden decades of commercial television. Trust me, there’s nothing I can’t or couldn’t say openly if I wanted to, and I don’t have to hide behind the fictional plot of a book to do it.

You will find neither scandal nor gossip in this book. I detest both.

-Could someone – in a slightly mocking mood – describe your book as slightly accusatory?
Not even. To denounce you have to use concrete facts and evidence, and there is no such thing in this book. A mood of self-criticism that we could actually have performed miracles with television, which is a magical tool, and we didn’t, yes, it exists. But that is also a personal opinion that can be contradicted.

-The thought of an old colleague of yours recognizing himself and telling you?

That’s probably your thought, which never occurred to me. Firstly, because I’ll say it again, it’s not a book of gossip and complaints, secondly, because you can see the general climate in which the book moves, but not itself. And thirdly, I’ve never dated anyone argued, on the contrary, I must be one of the few people in this field who maintains loving relationships with almost everyone. You know I would never embarrass anyone, at least not intentionally.

-You are one of the most recognizable faces on television. They stop you on the street at a church service to tell you about the “good old days” of television. Does the world show you if it misses its old days?

Yes, unfortunately they still remember me (laughs). But you should know that people always look back on the past with nostalgia and look to the future with fear. So I don’t take much of what they tell me at face value. It’s nice that they feel that way and express it. And there are those who still swear, not because they remember what I said or did in my career, but because they see me as part of the system and you understand … “rowdy journalists, etc.”

-Have you already entered the process for your next book?

Yes, I am in the study phase and have written a few chapters.

– If you started over, would you do the same work again?

I would never become a journalist again, maybe a TV presenter, probably a writer.

The presentation of her new novel Maros Leonardou: “Mr. M.” will take place tomorrow, Saturday, June 17, 2023 at 12:00 p.m., in the “Garden of the Museum” of the Archaeological Museum (44 Patision, Athens).
They talk about the book:

Thanasis LalasVisual artist, writer, journalist
and the author of the book Maros Leonardou

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