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Mars Williams of The Psychedelic Furs has died

He died last Monday at the age of 68 Mars Williamsdefeated by cancer.

The American saxophonist was best known for his long time in the big alternative band The psychedelic furs.

He was originally a member from 1983 to 1989 and contributed to their highly successful albums “Mirror movements” (1984) and “Midnight to Midnight” (1987).

After reuniting in 2000, he rejoined the cast in 2005, where he remained until recently, appearing on the notable 2020 comeback album “Made from rain”.

In the early years of his career he was a member of NRG Ensemble and from The waitresseswhile he shone with them before his return to the Psychedelic Furs Liquid soulthat of the President Bill Clinton decided to perform live at his second inauguration.

Williams, among many others, had also worked with him Billy Idol, The murderersPower plant and dirty projectors.

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