Merkourios Avtzis educational author: “The book is a friend who will not betray us” – CULTURE - Wishevoke

Merkourios Avtzis educational author: “The book is a friend who will not betray us” – CULTURE

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Merkourios Avtzis educational author: “The book is a friend who will not betray us”

An interview with Alekos Hadjikostas and in his program “Words Starata” (RADIO-EICHMI) was given by teacher-author Merkouris Avtzis. The author was born in Forgotten Imathia and is a teacher. He emphasized: “Through this function of being in contact with children, I discovered that I also love the book.”

Regarding his rich literary work, he emphasized: “Since 1999, when my first book was published, there are now 30 books from different publishers.” He then referred to his latest novel “Shells in the Hair” (Psychogios Publications), “a multi-layered novel that depicts life in Imathia from prehistoric times Time and the Neolithic settlement of N. Nikomedia describes, i.e. from the time when M. Alexandros.” delivers the infamous Kachouli for women and I arrive today where the Kachouli is a museum piece. The book is purely folkloric-historical”

And he emphasized this in his book “Life in Ashes” (Psychogios). “It is the first book for adults that I have written and it relates to the life of the Pontic Greeks in Trebizond at the beginning of the 20th centuryu Century. The story begins in 1904. There, Hellenism unfolds a very dynamic activity, for example, out of the five banks, four were Greek, the Greeks had complete control over trade, the port transports products from the West to the East, that’s how it is busy with life. And all this gives Hellenism a very important advance and development. The Greek children receive education and the Turks, who make up a small percentage of the population, live together harmoniously and peacefully until 1908 when the “Freedom and Progress” movement with one of the founders, Kemal Atatürk, enters parliament. Because their goal is that To reform the slowly crumbling Ottoman Empire, they want to drive out the Sultan and promise everyone and the Greeks Equality, freedom, progress. Until they reveal who they really are to the government and start massacres and genocide from the First World War until we end in 1922.”

When we asked about children’s need to read – and he tells them about it at school – he finally answered: “This is a very important concern that needs to be developed in schools. I try to introduce children to reading with many options and activities. Because the book, reading a literary book, is a journey. This means we know people, we can dream, we can relax and enjoy. The book is a tool in our hands, a faithful friend that will never betray us.

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