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“Milk” by Vassilis Katsikonouris, directed by Ermina Kyriazis and Manos Karatzogiannis

That it could happen again. It can’t happen again. Nothing will happen again, Lefteris. The Project – Train Station from modern Greek theaterwhich is estimated to have been seen by more than 500,000 spectators throughout Greece and abroad, returns to its stage Theater station – twenty years since its creation and ten years since its last performance.

Milk is called “soft” in Russian. Strangely enough, another Greek word, sown in another language, there in a foreign field reflects the meaning of the matter much more directly and easily than the corresponding one that it names in Greek. This is exactly the feeling “The Milk” and its heroes want to talk about. A mother from the former Soviet Union and her two sons compose a shocking family story in which the author skillfully illuminates the emotional world of the heroes and their worries, how they come from their social environment, but above all the feeling that you have everything inside you becomes softer and warmer when he stops crying and hurting from accepting his food. He is loved… And if that doesn’t happen, then he feels like a stranger. Like a refugee between two homelands. Even foreign ones.

The management, which has excellent sales, is signed by Ermina Kyriaziwhich he directed last season and his most recent project Vasilis Katsikonouri “Cheetah. The Goalkeeper’s Wild” and others Manos Karatzogiannis with a long tenure in the Greek project. The performance is dedicated to the memory of Constantinos Papachronis, who celebrates the 15th anniversary of his death this year, on December 2nd, and was the first to interpret the role of Lefteris in the National Theater performance in 2006.

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Identity of the show

Leaded by: Ermina Kyriazi – Manos Karatzogiannis

They interpret: Stella Ghika, Dimitris Passas, Eleni Sakka, Manos Karatzogiannis

Sets – costumes: angel angel

Music: Neoclis Neofitidis

Lighting: Angelos Papadopoulos

Production: Cultural Station Theater

The show DIE MILCH takes place with financial support from the Ministry of Culture.

Information about the show

PREMIERE: November 18th at 9 p.m
REPRESENTATIONS: from November 18th to December 3rd, every Friday, Saturday at 9:00 p.m. and Sunday at 6:15 p.m.
TICKETS: 15 euros, students 13 euros, unemployed/disabled people 8 euros

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