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Moliere’s “Tartufos” at the Geni Karezi Theater

The team of actors of “Erotocritos” continues energetically with another classic, “Tartufo”, this famous comedy by Moliere!

Who is Tartufos? A hypocrite? A “helmeted liar”? Some will believe him, some won’t. Some will love him, some will hate him…



As for us, we are going to France! We will play hide and seek at a huge table! We will deceive and be deceived and then kiss again and sing tunes from the Paris salons, hoping that in the end the truth, whatever it is, will find its way again and come to light.

So here is an opportunity for the bravest spectators, the least hypocritical of our species, the children, to listen to Moliere’s work and pure language… And those who are not afraid should judge who is dishonest and who is honest, what is true and what a lie…

Eleni Vlachou in arrangement and direction, Ilias Vamvakousis in the original music and a multi-member troupe will undertake a subversive comedic journey to tell the story of the mysterious “Tartoufos”, who is not who he seems, and bring it into the present to bring, in our time, a time in which nothing is as it seems…

Adaptation for children – director: Eleni Vlachou, music composition – music lessons: Ilias Vamvakousis, set design: Thalia Melissa, costumes: Vasiliki Sirma, kinesiology – choreography: Vrisida Solomou, lighting design: Valentina Tamiolaki, special constructions with light: Giorgos Kotsakos, assistant director: Nausika Pyrrou , Set design: Stelios Lampadarios, Costume design: Evangelia Tsiuni, Photography: Anastasia Giannaki, Video: Patroklos Skafidas, Graphics: Yannis Stylos, Promotion organization – group bookings: Evi Kouremenou, PR manager: Evangelia Skrombola, Production: Gerasimos Skafidas

DISTRIBUTION (alphabetical)
Argyro Ananiadou, Konstantinos Dalamagas, Fotis Koutrouvidis, Giorgos Matziaris, Dimitris Miliotis, Melissanthi Regoukou, Alexandros Siatras, Chara Tzoka.
Musician on stage: Michalis Kotsogiannis

PREMIERE September 10, 2022
Every Sunday at 12:00 p.m
Tickets: €12 adults, €10 children, special prices for clubs and groups
Ticket reservations JENI KAREZI THEATER
Group bookings – school visits: 2103806274 – Evi Kouremenou
Telephone number of the box office for single tickets: 2103636144
Website: – Facebook: ps.TzeniKarezi

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