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Moliere’s “Tartufos” is performed at the Stathmos Theater

Premiere: Thursday, April 27th at 9:00 p.m. in the Stathmos Theater

People destroy in the middle of a meal in the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit

400 years after Moliere’s birth, his “dark” so-called comedies continue to entertain audiences and inspire different generations of directors to create new, subversive performances. This year Misanthropos had its climax in the Greek Theater and from April 27th it will be performed at the Stathmos Theater Tartufo. THE Yannis Dalianis, who has worked notably on Moliere’s play in the past and recently gave us an excellent version of Marivo’s Inheritance, conducts a strong troupe of 9 actors in the authoritative translation by Andreas Staikos, with the help of significant artistic contributors. The final text of the performance was prepared by Yiannis Dalianis, remaining faithful to the spirit of the work and the translation. His performance is inspired by the outrageous modern reality, enriched with songs by Elvis Presley, used as a means of seduction… All this together predisposes us to a pleasurable experience Tartufo



For me, “Tartufos” is, along with “Don Juan,” Molière’s most exciting work. It is no coincidence that it was performed far more often than any of his other works in the Comédie Française and on the world stage, and was by far his greatest success during his lifetime. It is of course a work that offers possibilities for interpretation. In the summer we saw the very interesting three-act version by Ivo Van Hoven at the Athens Festival, who gave us a Tartufo as a pure drama. However, our show will not ignore the comedic element. Finally, I think laughter is a key element of Moliere’s writing and a powerful theatrical device. The main axis of the show is the relationship between hypocrisy and faith. A hypocrisy not only of Tartufos, but also of the entire society surrounding him. A belief in the sense of the need to believe in something, in an unadulterated value. It is precisely this need that often makes us vulnerable that all sorts of fraudsters and hypocrites take advantage of…

On the occasion of the 10th anniversary of his death, Yiannis Dalianis and his team dedicate the performance to the memory of Lefteris Vogiatzis, who was fascinated by Moliere’s dramaturgy and played the role of the same name.


Translation: Andreas Staikos

Text, direction: Yannis Dalianis

Sets, costumes: Artemis Flessa

Lighting: George Agiannitis

Music: Kostas Lolos

Movement, choreography: Joanna Apostolou

Assistant director: Dimitra Stavrou

Photos: Spyros Perdiou
Performance photos and videos: Patroclus Scafidas



Tartufo: Manos Karatzogiannis

Orgone: Thanasis Vlavianos

Elmira: Eliza Skolidis

Doreen: Angeliki Marinou

Kleanthis: George Korombilis

Marianna: Maggie Sully

Damis: Konstantinos Zografos

Ms Pernell: Christina Theodoropoulou

Acacias: Thomas Siekas

*His voice is heard Nikos Hatzopoulos in the role of bailiff


PRODUCTION: Weightlessness, cultural station theater
Production supported by the Ministry of Culture.



PREMIERE: Thursday, April 27th, 9:00 p.m. (until Sunday, May 28th)

REPRESENTATIONS: Thursday, Friday, Saturday 9:00 p.m., Sunday 7:30 p.m


TICKETS:17 euros (regular) & 14 euros (reduced)
Pre-sale offer 12 euros until the premiere


Station Theater
Victor Ugo 55, Metaxourgeio Athens (near METRO METAXOURGEIO)
Tel. 210 52 30 267

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