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My husband, a play based on the book of the same name by Rumena Buzarowska

In her short stories entitled “My Man,” Rumena Buzarovska (*1981 in North Macedonia) raises the expectation that she will talk about the male gender. But her lyrics are mostly about women: wives, lovers, girlfriends, daughters, mothers. Do you understand men better when you talk about women? Is it impossible to talk about one gender while ignoring the other?

Buzarovka’s short stories describe the human condition in terms of patriarchy. With humor and cruelty, they trace the relationship dynamics within the couple and the family within a modern, patriarchal Balkan society that is very similar to ours. They reveal both our fallacy about women’s liberation and men’s impasse: both genders are suffocating in the trap of traditional roles.

“I don’t belong to my father,

I am not my men
I want to be myself”

said the Greek feminists of the 1970s and 1980s. This feminine self is sought by the heroines of Busarovska, all married and unhappy – angry, to say the least. Her basic identity (wife and mother) is the fate that weighs on her back: sometimes it becomes a tragedy and sometimes it becomes an outrageous comedy.

While the stories start from the familiar and banal, they magically open up to an inner and mysterious, archetypal realm, so to speak. Like the characters in myths, these women attempt heroic or failed journeys to their nature:

A widow manages to eat after revealing her mother’s secret.

A young mother embarks on a journey of horror to her own mother.

Another doesn’t like her son because she sees her grandfather’s bad genes in him.
An unfaithful wife throws up all the time. And some others cheat on their husbands to punish them.

There are secrets and lies in all stories – because there are plenty of them in all families. Without lies there is no kinship. Without power there is no marriage. No love without hate.

We will try to capture these dark dynamics on stage, through the bodies of women who, as they narrate, become monuments to our failed marriages and our failed societies.



“My Husband” a play based on the short stories by Rumena Buzarowska *

Translation: Alexandra Ioannidou
Dramaturgy, direction: Maria Maganari
Music: Thodoris Oikonomou
Stages: Maria Maganari, Pavlos Thanopoulos
Costumes: Pavlos Thanopoulos
Photos: Maria Gozadinou
Proposal: Cecil Mikroutsikou
Assistant director: Paola Kalliga
Assistant to the set designer: Katerina Arianoutsou
Costume design: Fani Tsiami, Dora Tembeli
Special constructions: Dimitra Kaisari
Set design: Art Wood Creations
Manufacturing processes
Contact person: Evangelia Skrompola
Photos: Maria Tultsa
Graphic designer: Thodoris Paraskevopoulos

Actors: Maria Skoulas, Amalia Kavali, Maria Maganari

The show is sponsored by the Ministry of Culture and Sport.

*The short stories are published by Gutenberg Publications.



Premiere: Friday, January 26, 2024
Show days and times: Thursday – Friday – Saturday at 9:00 p.m., Sunday at 6:00 p.m
Duration: 120 minutes
Ticket: €18 general entry, €15 reduced
Address: 7 Tournavitou, Thisio
Buy tickets online:

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