Mylonas, Bibilas, Tarabanko at the Alcmini Theater in May (video) - Wishevoke

Mylonas, Bibilas, Tarabanko at the Alcmini Theater in May (video)


One murder, three suspects and including the victim! A hilarious comedy with the most unpredictable comedic love triangle you’ve ever seen.

Iakovos Mylonas’ award-winning work “Or Me Mena Or Me Kamia” continues after its successful sold-out performance at Megaro Musikis from Friday May 10th Alcmeni Theater for limited Representations.

Official trailer “Or With Me Or With Nothing”, text, director: Iakovos Mylonas, Alkmini May 2024

Compulsive love is the theme of this Spartan farce. eve (Katya Tarabanko) “loves” her husband in a suffocating and manipulative way (Spyro Bibila). Life with her is a real torture. Her chance meeting with Iakovos Mylonas will bring a new love into her life and a new…victim. One would expect that the change of interest would result in Eva’s husband being exonerated. But Eve’s men experience a total, suffocating love. Eve would rather kill than separate. She would rather put you out of the way than see you happy without her. The finale will be subversive and ultimately cathartic…

The direction by Iakovos Mylonas reduces the live music at the piano by Amalia Klimopoulou to a fourth protagonist, as he plays an important intermediate role in the plot and the song lyrics connect the scenes harmoniously.

The exhibition was recently awarded by UNESCO for Piraeus and Islands and is under its patronage.



Text direction: Iakovos Mylonas
Associate Director: Jesse Dutkiewicz
Assistant director: Popi Chigaku
Sets costumes: IAMY team
Lighting: IAMY Group
Sound Lights: Anji Philinda
Photos: Polina Zavhorodnia

They play

Spyros Bibilas, Iakovos Mylonas, Katia Tarabanko

The information

Issuing tickets
Alcmeni Theater
8-12 Alkmenis, Athens


Friday, May 10, 9 p.m
Saturday, May 11th, 7:00 p.m
Friday, May 17th, 9 p.m
Saturday, May 18, 7:00 p.m
Friday, May 24th, 9 p.m
Saturday, May 25th, 7:00 p.m

Communication sponsors MAD TV and Mad Radio 106.2


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