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New album for Ilias Liugos…

New album for him Ilia Liugowith title “I am a northern tree». Having spent almost fifty years faithfully serving the good Greek song with historic collaborations, starting with the record “Ta Paraloga” by Manos Hadjidakis in 1976 when he was only 20 years old, and continuing with a superb selection of repertoire
As a performer but also as a songwriter, Ilias Liugos offers us a completely new work with songs he composed himself in his lyrics Panos Dimitropoulos while the orchestration of the work was handled by Dimitris Lappas
contribute significantly to the final result.

Ten “handmade” songs emerged from Ilias Liougou’s collaboration
and Panos Dimitropoulos, ten short stories about music that was “made.”
analogue and as real as possible compared to digital reality.
In addition to the song “I’m a Northern Tree”, which gave the album its title, we recommend that you listen to “Monaxia double A’ melopoisi” and also the song “In exile to the Mountains”, in which the Nikos Zoudiaris.

The cover painting used on the album cover was designed by him
Yiannis Jermias.

The creator himself states in his note:
In the songwriting workshop, my aim is to compose melodies that fit the words and hidden emotions of the lyrics and are inextricably linked to them, so that they come to the fore and gain musical substance.
The words of Panos Dimitropoulos inspired me and made me search for and embody even more a personal type of folk songs that I carry with me because of my origins and that I have obviously flirted with in my previous works.
So, without any desire for originality, I moved along familiar and almost saturated musical paths and rhythms, trying to give these songs an inventive simplicity and maintain a familiar sound.
A second composition to the lyrics of the song “Double Loneliness” that I had started as a game gave me a new song that in the end I didn’t know which one to choose. I’ll give you both ways.
“I Am a Tree of the North” will stand the test of time and the difficult winters we endure, keeping “flowers, leaves and fruit” to keep the summer soldiers at bay.

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