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New book by Jo Hedwig Tewis exposes 100+1 historical myths

The MINOA Publications has published her new book Joe Hedwig Tewisswith title “Fake History, 100+1 Myths of History among…broken”.

In this riveting book, the author debunks 101 myths so we can finally learn the truth and equip ourselves with the tools to help us spot the fake story wherever we encounter it.

With manipulated photos, artificial intelligence-generated images, and false claims about the past circulating in the news and on social media, it seems harder than ever to separate fact from fiction. Did Hugo Boss design the Nazi uniforms?
Did people in the Middle Ages think the earth was flat?

Did Napoleon destroy the nose of the Sphinx?

The answer to all of these questions is “no”.

“Let them eat biscuit,” said Marie Antoinette when the people of France were starving. Or was something like that never said? There is no evidence that this well-known quote came from the notoriously spendthrift queen. How do false stories arise, what are their dynamics and how easy is it to expose them by recognizing the truth?

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