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New book by Prokopis Pavlopoulos on the institutional influences of Res Publica

A new book has been published by former President of the Republic Prokopis Pavlopoulos. The book is entitled “Institutional legacies of Res Publica in modern representative democracy”. (The Latin expression “res publica” is a term developed in ancient Rome to describe public affairs and later used by Cicero in the 1st century BC as a translation of the Greek term “polity”). In modern times it is used to describe type of representative democracy as res publica or more commonly as republic) Prokopis Pavlopoulos in his book points out that the “The institutional-political DNA of representative democracy still has its genetic origins in the res publica of the post-Octavian Augustus period of the Roman Empire, if one appreciates, of course in the imposed historical depth, the basic elements of the modern state under the organizational system of representative democracy “.

In this direction, the elements of the legal entity of the state stand out as the center of state organization and the two elements closely linked to the constitution of the institutional units: the law as a means of regulating relations within the social The whole and the common good as decisive legal basis for national action. The above clarifications in a way prefigure both chapters in which the author attempts to highlight some key elements of the legacy that Res Publica has left in modern representative democracy. The first chapter documents the historical development of Res Publica. The second chapter lists the essentialia negotii of the institutional core of Res Publica.

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