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New show with hilarious impersonations and… unexpected duets

In a few days, more precisely on December 16th, Mr Takis Zaharatos will take his stage Vergina Theater at Regency Casino Thessalonikiwith a brand new program that will feature lots of new faces, unexpected duets and hilarious dialogues.

The successful showman will satirize, dance and sing in a “date” that will captivate the audience with humor, unique impersonations and laughter to the point of tears.

He recently stated in an interview protothema.grThe well-known artist revealed which faces he will be dealing with this time:

“I have included a lot of new faces in the new show. I wanted it to be something completely new, completely renewed. So in addition to the super couple of the year Vandi – Bisbiki, we also have other duets. Including those of Lady Gada with Lady Angela Dimitriou, of Céline Dion with Natassa Theodoridou, of Kalliopi Stamatakis with her son Mathios from “Sasmos”, of Maurikiou Maurikiou with Ilaira and also the old lady Katerina Didaskalou from “Black Rose”, who all confess . For the first time I also transform into Adele, David Bowie, Madonna, Christoforo Papakaliati, Angeliki Nikolouli, etc.

The performance of Takis Zaharato’s “Randevou” begins on Friday, December 16, 2022 and for the entire holiday season, until Saturday, January 7, 2023.

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