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New song from Nocturnal Graves

The Australian death metallers Night graves are preparing to release their third full-length album “Titanium” on May 18th via Season Of Mist and gives you the opportunity to listen to a song from it for the first time in our country.

It’s about the song “Ecdysis, shedding of weak flesh” which you can listen to below:

Then you can see the tracklist, the band composition and the album cover:


1. Resistance (6:44)
2. Roar of the Wild (3:41)
3. Ecdysis, shedding of weak flesh (6:13)
4. Soul String (3:42)
5. And hell followed them (4:15)
6. Bow to no one (6:07)
7. Silence the martyrs (3:34)
8. Titan (5:27)
Total playing time: 39:43

Recording cast

Decaylust: lead guitars, vocals
Shrapnel: Lead guitars
JR: Drums, rhythm guitars, bass, lead vocals

Current occupation

R. Prain: bass, vocals
Shrapnel: Guitars
Decaylust: guitars
JR: Drums

Style: Death metal ferocity

Production: Night graves

Engineer: Jarro Raphael at I-HQ Recordings, Australia

Mix: Raphael jug

Mastery: Tony “Jack the Bear” Mantz and Tom Beard at Deluxe Mastering

Cover art: Jai Raphael

Night Graves – Titan

For more information, see the following links:

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