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NEWS: Iraklis Kakavanis: The Demon of the Printing Press – CULTURE

from “The Other View.”

NEW EDITION: Iraklis Kakavanis: The Demon of the Printing Press

A few words about the edition

“The Demon of the Printer” was first published in 2008 by “Proskenio”. Years ago and after a successful course in the book sector, the “Proskenio” publications stopped their course. So…Daemon was unavailable for this reason, although it has not lost its relevance and validity and continues to be in demand, and we have reissued it.

This second edition also contains the forewords by Giorgos Kourmouziadis, Takis Tsigas and, as an epitome text, Nikos Karantinos, although all three are no longer alive.


What need created it and which one. . . ideological stigma of the “terrorist” that exposes journalists, writers and proofreaders? They say he is evil and acts secretly. They say his tail is measured in miles, poking everywhere and distorting the meaning of texts so much that it provokes anger, indignation, embarrassment (among readers and writers) and sometimes even the laughter of the “Pardley goat.” It appeared with the discovery of printing. (. . .) Although the book is not a collection of “pearls”, the reader will still find many opportunities within its pages to laugh at the heroic deeds and influences of “Expado” in journalistic and literary texts.

These poems, as well as all the poems that were considered reprehensible at the time and that the poet was accused of, are included in this edition. A total of 32 poems.

“Our “suffering” lives are therefore ruled by the “demons” in one way or another. And the question is not what they do for us, but what we do for them. Some denounce them, others exorcise them, others film them, others throw them out of the window and others have learned to live with them. Heracles Kakavanis did something much cleverer. He took one of these demons, the “Demon of the Printer,” and turned it into a book. In fact, he wrote his biography. He fought it where he was born, before paper and ink were even invented, and he revealed to us his “problems” (from the foreword by G. Hourmouziadis).


FOREWORDS: Preface to the publication
Giorgos Kourmouziadis
Takis Tsigas
17th century
Typos in the press
The first proofreader
1862. A new era begins
20th century – Linotype
Electronic typography
INVESTIGATION: Statement from Nikos Karantinos
Indicative bibliography

Problem details

Publisher: Atenos Publications
Date of the second edition: March 2024
Cover photo: Petros Filippidis
Number of pages: 202
Dimensions: 17X24
ISBN: 978-618-5685-37-9
Price 14.50 (VAT included.)

Scheduling – Sales:
Central disposition: Tsigaridas SA – 210.2717521
AE symmetry: 21 1104 1900

Central disposal for Cyprus: Peridiavasi Bookstore (Tel: 24 645646, 99545635)

You can order it and pick it up at the location you specified. Orders either
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Short biography of Heraklis Kanavanis

Heraklis Kakavanis was born in 1966. He studied philology at the University of Ioannina. He has been working as a journalist since 1991. First in “Rizospastis” for 23 years and then in print and electronic media. He is the editor of the electronic magazine “Atechnos”.

In 2011 he got involved with a proposal for the language of K. Varnalis in the anthology “Kostas Varnalis: Light that always burns”, publications “Synchroni Epochi” 2012. He has dealt extensively with the life and work of Kostas Varnalis.

He is the author of the book “The Demon of the Printing Press”, the publications “Proskenio”, 2008, “The unknown Varnalis and his 19 unpublished poems”, the publications “Entos”, 2012, “Hikmet in Greece” and “FOTIS ANGOULES”. the proletarian poet” “Artfully” publications, 2020.

In 2014 the book “Kostas Varnalis Ai-Stratis Victims of Exile” was published by the publishing house “Kastanioti” and in 2017 the book “39+1 Unknown Poems of K. Varnalis” was published by the publishing house “Etypois” with a foreword – research – by issued to him. In 2022 he proposed – with his foreword – “Another reading” in “Everything by Kostas Karyotakis” (“Atechnos” publications) and in 2024 he directed “The Forbidden and Reprehensible” by Charles Pierre Baudelaire (“Atechnos” -Publications).

He was a philological curator – foreword to the album “Homer’s Iliad, 21 lithographs by Henri Motte”, publication “Typoedotiki”, 2008.

In 2009, he edited the memoirs of the National Resistance fighter and officer of the Greek Democratic Army Lysandros Tamouridis entitled “From Olympus to Grammos”, where he wrote the epitaph, accompanied by a presentation by the resistance press of Elassona, Larissa prefecture, da he also provided forewords to several other books.

In addition to the bibliography, his articles are extensively represented in the daily and magazine press as well as in online media.

It was read 890 just


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